a nice place in monkseaton...

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sejuk weh sejuk brrrrr seriously sejuk...
my nose are blocked. even the steroid spray didnt help. the magnificient panadol cold & flu also didnt help. it all started yesterday. i went to work at the usual place, which is situated in an old building and my workplace is at the top most. being an old old surgery at an old old building does not making it the cleaniest place to work. the symptoms are the same as rhinitis; blocked and runny nose at the same time, making me hard to breath. the steroid helps a little and i really hope i dont get flu or even worse, chest infection that i used to have in the past.

you see, last month i was thinking of quitting my job at the old surgery. i thought i need to concentrate on my course more, or that i need to get a nearer workplace to save with the transport. but i would not go without saying goodbye, as i promise the surgery's secretary whom i share my office with, that i would not just leave like that when that day comes. then yesterday was a free day so i thought, why not just go there to see the place one more time and work a few hours as i can use with some extra quid.

when i arrived, everybody was smiling and said hello. they asked about my trip back home, about my fiance whom they know i miss a lot, about my study etc. i felt warm instantly. then the practice manager said he got a scanner that he wants me to learn to use, to scan all the surgery's letters. this is no ordinary scanner, it can scan up to 20 papers in a go, super fast, as fast as a laser printer. and it connects to the medical record system that i use all this time. i like to learn new stuff, especially if it got something to do with computers and electronics. when i learn new stuff, meaning i got new skill, and i like that. then on top of that, the surgery gave me (and the other stuff) some christmas presents as a token of appreciation. i got huge huge boxes of biscuits and chocolates and toffees yum yum. plus some mark&spencer vouchers!!

man i like this place. i know i cannot stop working there. dah la working hour super super super flexible, i can come whenever i want (as long as it is 6 hours or more per week). and i can do overtime anytime i want, any amount of hours i want. which is good in holiday time. then i got some annual leave some more. can you believe that? a year i got 4 weeks leave i think. which is great. then they understand when i got exams and gave me plenty of time to study. and the gps also offer to teach me and even gave me some of their old books! how great is that? i am so happy working there, and i learnt a lot. A LOT. that is the best part. i met lots of new friends, learnt lots of new skill, learnt how to carry responsibilities, and building up my confidence. i am definitely going to miss this place when the day comes for me to say my final goodbye.


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