sleepy head..

1/26/2006 06:51:00 PM 0 Comments »
i'm not sure what to write. but i'll write anyway

sleepy head sleepy head**

ellina is back. she is as pleasant as always. and she bought me the lastest pesona pengantin magazine for me yey.

audit is still in progress. i need 5 more patients. 5 more. i need it by this weekend, as i hope to start processing it asap. i think my consultant wants to see them next week.

i start reading fictional books again. went to waterstones yesterday and they have a 3 for 2 book offer. quite a wide choice of books. the one i'm reading now is 'belledejour: the intimate adventures of a london call girl'. i'm pretty sure someone recommends it before but i cant remember who. was it huda? it contains exactly what it says in the title. in fact it is a compilation of blogs, yup, exactly like this one, except that the blogger/writer has a rather exciting job. i'm in my half way now, it's an okay-ish book, not brilliant, but readable, not exciting though. i think it is more that i dont understand some of her words; she uses terms and words that are not in the dictionary, if you know what i mean. like 'A-levels' means something else, i'm so sure it's not the real A-levels exams. and other few dodgy words and terms. i think she should at least produce an index for those beginners, or 'naive' readers like me haha. but i like memoir, i like reading someone's life journey. and i hope to finish this book by tomoro, as i plan to do my audit on the weekends.

the other book that i bought was recommended by one of my housemate. actually 2 of them. 'the shadow of the wind'. hopefully it's good. the last book i've not got a clue what is all about. nice cover though haha. i hope 'labyrinth' will be good.

what else happening in my life? i couldnt sleep for the last 3 nights and that's why i'm rather sleepy at the moment. nope, no other exciting news. oh yeah, it's the last week of winter sale, meaning drop dead low prices everywhere. somehow this winter sale hasnt been as successful as before, meaning they gonna drop the price even lower in order to get rid of last season stocks. meaning good news for people like me haha. imagine various perfume gift sets all under 17 pounds, meaning all under RM100? we are talking about cK, davidoff, gucci and all branded ones here. the thing is, i dont wear perfume. i have perfumes, but i rarely wear them, i'm just not a perfume person. and i'm not that rich to simply buy perfumes for fun. fine then.

i'm free tomoro. better off to work then. oh yeah, the nice people in the surgery gave me a raise. i'm 26 pounds richer every month now hi hi