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1/05/2006 07:46:00 PM 2 Comments »
something amazing happened today.

it all started yesterday. i lost one of my gloves. nothing amazing, it was at the end the day, i was kinda tired and tercicir one of my gloves. before that i went to a sock shop at grainger market to buy some warm bed socks before heading to wilko to buy some tissues. it was while at wilko when i realised i lost my glove. i tracked back my way to find it and ended up at the sock shop to ask the owner if he found any glove. his answer was disappointing.

today i went to the sock shop again to buy some leg warmers. it got really really cold nowadays so i thought it would be really useful to have some leg warmers. the shop owner saw me and asked me if i was the girl who lost a glove yesterday. he said someone had found a glove along the road between grainger market and wilko and gave it to him. i recognise the glove instantly; belang2 putih, hitam, coklat and hijau; it was my glove. i was speechless. for someone to find my glove, who kindly enough to pick it up, then gave it to 'my' sock shop, out of so many sock shops in grainger market, for me to come back to the same shop today for the shop owner to still recognise me.. that's pretty amazing, isnt it? well, not for all, but it is for me, not everyday i lost something and found it again. and i didnt even bought that gloves from that sock shop. i bought it from h&m.

nice day huh.

oh yeah, i got my exam results today. and i passed!! what a day.

and today i talked to a very lovely old lady in the hospital. oh i like geriatrics..

gonna be kinda busy soon. for the first time i got myself an organiser. was very, very, VERY, tempted to get those filofax, tapi takde duit lah huhu. i didnt work last month sbb balik mesia, so no extra money lor this month huhu.

why cant today be friday? then it would be perfect..really perfect. but then you cant have everything..


DeLiRiuM said...

Gi keje bulan ni, simpan duit, then buy the filofax. Best!

Liz said...

congratulations for passing ur xms.. oh and for recovering ur lost glove ;)