green? why green?

5/24/2009 04:17:00 PM 1 Comment »

it's almost 2 in the morning and i'm supposed to put my head on the pillow at least an hour ago. tonnes of work to do!

anyway, that's not the reason why i blog now with my eyes half closed..

it's my new layout!

as you can see, it's not finished yet. hubby is in charge with 'kemas2' kan ape2 yg patut, since he's in the computer arena anyway. tapi tengok tu.. malasnyer nak letakkan 'link' that is supposed to the at the right side of this blog page. altho i can do it myself, but believe me, with this computer-idiot head of mine, i'll take at least 10x more of the time needed for hubby to do it for me. anyway, that's the use of hubby kan? to make his wife's life easier kan? setuju? heheheheheh

oklah, think i'll nag hubby again tmrw ;p