night talk

5/27/2009 01:07:00 PM 0 Comments »
i've been back to the uni for a week now. and by the end of this week, the uni will be almost empty, with, my best guess would be, about 100 people left. how sad. and even the canteen will be closed, starting the day after tomoro! how lonely it will be. and sadly i have no other choice but to stay here for the next 3 weeks and a half.

i've moved to a new room. i was offered a single room, as next term will be my senior and final year, but i declined. who wants a single room with nothing to stare but the wall? living on my own room for 6 years ++ was enough to experience it all. yes, i like my privacy, but i hate being lonely and alone. so they gave a double room, meaning 2 students per room, and i like it very much. my new room is next to the canteen (very handy) and also next to the parking lot (very super handy). i've settled down a couple of weeks ago, and i like my new room very much. it's spacious and cosy, just enough for me :)

before i come back to the uni last weekend, i had my first part of semester break. it's only a week break, sadly, but at least they gave me some break, right? better a week than nothing at all (although most of the students got at least 2 months off huhu). so i drove to kl, that took me 7 hours worth of driving. my family was at kl at that moment, and obviously hubby was at kl too, so i knew it was going to be a good break.

one of the many things that hubby and i did was going to the cinema. we watched star trek and angels & demons. the star trek movie was a BLAST! totally LOVING it! a sci-fi geek/fan/obsessed like me was sitting at the edge of my sit throughout the movie. it was that good that i was terkinja2 and terlompat2 (not literally la, altho i wish i can do that haha). wanted to go and watch the movie for the second time, but then i decided to buy the dvd when it come out, so that i can watch it over and over and over again HAHA (evil laugh haha). go and watch it! (warning: very sci-fi techno thingy haha).

anyway, the second movie that we watched, angels & demons was a fair one. i had a low expectation for this movie, so i guess it was an ok movie. got that moulin rouge guy so i think that's worth the ticket (haha). lots of roman catholic info and the verticans, i felt like watching a documentary haha.

one other thing that i did while in kl was driving around. i somehow had developed some kind of a phobia to drive at kl. for some reason i am scared of driving in kl. as soon as i reach kl, i'll switch off the radio and give my full concentration to the road. then mesti berpeluh2 nyer. but over the last week i managed to overcome my fear and was able to drive around kl, like to ampang point and to fetch hubby from work at keramat. i even one time, managed to get through a heavy traffic jam, with all the cars tried to squeeze into lesser number of lanes hehe. but sadly i managed to scratch my beloved viva when i was reversing my car from my family's ampang jaya house and hit the gate. damn. a virgin scratch. at least i didnt hit another people's car huh, but still, damn.

i think that's all. oh yeah, i gained weight recently, to be more precised, since coming back from bali last march. i think as a woman (almost type it as a 'girl' haha) i should be worried, but for some reason i'm not. i'm happy with the things i'm doing now, so i think it cannot be helped. my eating pattern is quite straight forward: when i'm depressed i lose my appetite and eat less, and when i'm happy and content, i eat easily. i know my life is far from perfect, but i'm more than satisfied with it. it's because i've been in a much worse kind of life before, so right now, although hubby is living away and we only meet at least once a month, plus with my parents' marital issues, and the strugglement (is there such word?) of my study, but to be truly honest, i'm happy and really grateful to the Almighty with my current life. like although i dont have this and that, but at least i got this and that, and i'm grateful for that. one thing that i am not is being greedy. i dont want everything in life, i dont need everything in life, as long as i got this and that, i'm forever grateful :)