bank holiday weekend

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some more pictures! since i got my own camera, makin byk gambar yg diambil hehe. what's the use of a camera if not to take pictures kan? hear hear!

last bank holiday weekend i managed to persuade hubby to go to kuala selangor. my family owns an apartment there, that is mainly used during hari raya time only (!) (my kampung is at kuala selangor) since my father doesnt like to spend raya nights at my ever-so-crowded grandmother's house. so that poor fully-furnished, whole-house air-conditioned apartment will only be occupied once a year, the most maybe 2-3 times a year ie whenever my parents balik kampung. i thought it was such a waste to not spend some time on that apartment, it is such a good place to live in, all furnished with dapur, fridge, washing machine, beds, pillows, pinggan mangkuk etc, with the balcony facing bukit melawati, and the ever-so-peaceful pekan kuala selangor.

so last weekend hubby and i drove to kuala selangor on friday morning. oh yeah, i forgot to tell you that the day before i drove for a straight 7 hours from my uni to kl. what an adventure! i only stopped twice for toilet breaks. anyway, it was an uneventful journey and i reached kl safe and sound hehe. but then the trip from kl to kuala selangor i let hubby drive. am so malas and dependable whenever hubby is around ;p

oklah i let the pics to tell it all

this is us :) hehe that's my new specs.
hehe my new handbag hehe. abis duit simpananku utk beli pda huhu. nothing change i'm afraid.. still weak and helpless whenever it comes to handbags and shoes huhu

love this pic :) lamp post
my signature move haha. at rumah api bukit melawati

penat sih jalan. lawa kan bukit melawati? such a good weather.. but unfortunately someone too malas to jalan and it aint me huh
at a place called batu hampar. got a story behind it but i'm too scared to write it down in this blog ha ha. so we took pic at one of the meriam. bukit melawati is full of scary stories i tell you
at makam diraja bukit melawati. there are 3 makams of previous sultan selangor there, but they were really old ones, 18th and 19th centuries sultans i think.
anyway, sorry no scenary pics. we took lots of beautiful scenary pics of kuala selangor and bukit melawati, but it's not possible to post it all here. overall it was a good trip, a tired one as well, especially since we were leaving for my uni the next day (another 7 hours trip!). but this time hubby drove me back :). i guess he was more tired than me, since he was the one who drove the car, then to take a bus trip from my uni to kl the next day! he must have cared for me that much hehe. love you hubby :D