tired and bored

2/03/2006 11:08:00 PM 0 Comments »
not in a mood to blog lately.

life has been okay.

havent finished my book yet. it's not as interesting as i initially thought it would be. maybe it's time to start the second book hihi.

next week will be my last week of geriatric. i will definitely going to miss those old folks. it's babies time after next week. how did i managed to persuade myself into that one? i choose geriatric because i want to. i choose obstetrics because i need to (got it? i choose obstetrics because of the knowledge and training are top essential, for the exams that is). but something for sure, geriatric is definitely ultimately on my top list now. i like the way they manage the patients. it's not as straight as treating chest infection with antibiotics or hypertension with calcium channel blocker, of course they do that but much more. they see the patient as a person, ask how they cope at home, how are they eating, the family and friends and support. it shows that they really care, not just as a patient who came to the hosp to get some treatment, got discharge home and that's it. they have follow ups and home visits. it shows that doctors do care and really want them well. and i like the idea that geriatric is not a 'fixer', ie like what surgeons do. i dont like the idea when people think of doctors as someone superior, ie a 'fixer', someone who is supposedly able to fix other people. and of course i like those lovely old people :)

audit is good. supervisor seemed pleased with my first draft. but it made the other girl's face sour. she hasnt done a thing. see, you are more readily and willingly to do more work in the things that you enjoy. du-uh.

i've been doing lots (and lots) of shopping lately. damn you sale!

i need a fringe. no, i want a fringe.

life can be quite dull sometimes. and it doesnt help when you are in an 'unsocial' mode.

think i'll get ready to bed. i know i know it's only 10, and on a friday night, but i had a full day. 8 to 7. well, had only half day in the hospital, went to work after that. did some overtime. plus i only had 5 hour sleep the night before. so i am tired.