audit, electives and food

2/07/2006 02:24:00 PM 0 Comments »
hello hello

did something yesterday that i've never done before. i wrote my audit until 6 in the morning, went to shower after that, and slept at half 6 and woke up at 1. phew. i know i know, it was nothing unusual, but as i said, i never did something like this before. i tend to sleep early and wake up early. and a full shower at 6 in the morning? so as predicted i got a dull ache at the back of my head now ~adoi.. anyway i'm satisfied with the progress of the audit. my supervisor was so pleased with my first draft he suggests to get it publish. altho that is not my plan initially, all i want is to get a 'satisfactory' but all good news are welcome :D

i wonder how will next week be? me, in the delivery suite? hmm.. not a fan of babies particularly..

i made mee rebus yesterday yum yum. but then azali mentioned about nasi lemak this morning and that makes me want to make some. guess i have to wait til the mee rebus finish huh

cant wait to go to electives aka home this summer. havent done the preparation tho. i'm still wondering the reason i choose usm hosp kubang kerian. no, it's not near to azali's place haha. i think i like the idea of spending sometime at a local uni. i think i want to experience the life of a local uni student. think i should make the arrangement, like, really soon.

better start writing the abstract soon. nah.. my stomach needs some fuel. maybe if i finish the mee rebus now, i can make nasi lemak for dinner. yippee!