a mix of news

2/18/2006 10:42:00 AM 0 Comments »
finally i have some time to do this blog.

someone sent me some roses on valentine's day. hihi thanks sayang :D they are very lovely

there were a mix of good and bad news last week. and it was the busiest week ever!

met my new consultant. he is...nasty. he scolded me like there's no tomoro on my first day. he was angry cause i didnt come and see him a week before to discuss about the audit. audit? huh? the med school only requires us to do one audit + poster for our 1st option. the 2nd option, ie the thing that started last week, we only have to do an oral presentation, on ANY topic that we, the student, choose. but the new super-nasty consultant wants me, more like commands me, to do another audit. audit ni..renyah aa. fine. then this super nasty consultant has the tendency to ask me questions in public. like the daily ward meeting, he'll ask, 'ok, elly, our med student, what to you think about this and that, bla bla bla' like in the middle of the meeting. fine. super fine. he's one super nasty consultant, i tell you, and i dont like him. and i have to spend 6 weeks with him. 1 finished, another 5 bloody weeks to go. i hate you mr super nasty obstetric consultant.

fine. super fine.

well, at least i have a dozen of roses on my desk now to soothe my anger :)

and another good news that keeps me restless at night, and grinning ear-to-ear at the same time.

my first audit got selected for a presentation at the regional British Geriatric Society meeting!

i am so happy. not everyday a medical student can attend a regional meeting. and to present my audit on that meeting? bloody hell. super bloody hell. this is good news, and scary news as well. regional meeting? i almost peed on my pants when i had to present in front of half of my batch last year, and that was a group presentation. and my part took less than 2 minutes. and now i have to present, alone, like, for 10 minutes, in front of unknown audience, consultants and registrars etc. this is super scary stuff man.

but it is a good news indeed. my cv will be good. and i made my previous consultant proud. he is such a good and caring consultant, and i am happy to make him proud. he even promised to help me with my presentation. nice guy he is.

so now i have to do some powerpoint presentation. did that. still need to prepare myself mentally tho. i also need to finish my poster presentation. also did that. and a second audit as well. already did the data sheet, and now i need to collect some audit data for 4 weeks, as well as attend as many baby deliveries and caesarean sections. also need to read some statistic books and journals for the audit processing. and an oral presentation at the end of this option. and to arrange for my elective this summer, first month in kuantan, then another month in usm kubang kerian. got to find the flight ticket soon. and still working 6 hours a week. and yeah, brainstorm some ideas for my bro's wedding this summer. i am in charge with hantarans and decorations.

pening? me too. my dad used to say, 'take one step at a time'. and i'll do that.

this is when the organiser plays its wonder.

first of all, the presentation for the regional meeting. i need to prepare myself, mentally than anything else. i hope to do it well. wish me luck, huh?

oklah, ellina wants to take some walk at the park and take some pics for her latest project. i'll go with her then. have a good weekend :)