first entry of the week

2/14/2006 08:34:00 AM 0 Comments »
here i am, sitting in front of the computer in meds school, on my first day of my 2nd option. there was some confusion with the first appointment apparently, it turned out that it wasnt his secretary whom i talked to yesterday, so no wonder no one could find the consultant today. i managed to talk to his actual secretary this morning and another appointment has been arranged, but i'm not sure when tho.

fine, today is a mess. i dont like being in a mess. i know i should have contacted him earlier, but how should i know, since my first option's consultant sent me a detailed appointment, so i thought that would always be the case. it turned out that i have to contact and arrange to see the consultant myself. fine.

azali was online a minute ago. i know it was almost the end of his work shift, but that was not an excuse to be rude and kurang ajar. iye, you were kurang ajar. hurtful words you used. then he'll later say 'sorry...'. whatever. how many times do i have to tell you i dont like to be talked to rudely. it's not that i want you to talk softie2, just talk like normal and dont use offensive words. i was not brought up with rude words. none of my friends talk to me like that. and to think that you are my fiance, and that i will soon hopefully spend the rest of my life with you, makes it even important. whatever. i am hurt. like you care.

these past few days had been a bit of a roller coster. i was very happy on friday, being it the last day of the week, and the final day of my option in geriatrics, and nadine was coming over that night, and i made nasi lemak for everyone. on saturday, nad, ellina and i went to town tuk jln2 and did a bit of shopping. then on sunday it went downhill, with some more bad news from home, again. yesterday was a waste, with useless elective talks at meds school. and more more bad news from home. and this morning as well. coupled with azali's manners..

i couldnt sleep well lately. no surprise there. may god help me pull myself together, like i always do.