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fridays..fridays..who doesnt love fridays?

it's friday morning. am waiting for the patients notes to be available for my audit. crap. i have hoped to get this audit over with, well, at least for this week. but then someone took it to get it coding, and they will only be available after lunch. crap. thought i could catch ellina after her presentation to lunch at the new chinese restaurant at the gate. guess now i'm gonna stuck here at rvi til at least after 3.

went to see my previous supervisor this morning at gateshead to discuss on the audit presentation. it will be on 10th march, ie exactly 2 weeks from now. gosh. i thought i was ok with it, having had some practice earlier this week, then when i saw the supervisor again this morning, gosh, this is happening for real! i know i have to prepare myself mentally than anything else. and i think it would be a good practice for the real oral presentation at the end of march, in which i will be marked. i'm worried on having to present to an unknown audience. and i'm worried most on the question-answer session. things that you cant practise on, and it's unpredictable. fine. i have to really know the topic i'm presenting on, and since i did this audit myself, i think, and hope, it will be fine.

my presentation will be the last one. of the day. dont know how to react to that. pro: everyone will be tired by then, so they wouldnt ask too many question. con: i hate waiting. damn hate that. just want to get it over with.

nad is coming over this weekend. nice. plus ct is back. good. my plan? maybe i'll cook, but it depends on my mood. plus i'm not craving on any food at the moment.

havent decided whether i want to go to barcelona this easter with ellina. it will surely be fun, but i have to consider other circumstances as well. situation at home is a bit unpredictable at the moment, and i have to prepare myself for the worst. it's exhausting to manage the unpredictable.

fine. what should i do know? my current supervisor is on holiday this week, so i'm not that occupied. got more than a couple of hours before the patients notes are readied. dont feel like i want to go to town. fine. i'll sit here until i made up my mind.