7/27/2005 11:27:00 AM 0 Comments »
such a gloomy day

my face is swollen especially around the eyes and mouth. they said i was allergic to something but i'm not sure what thing that can cause my face to be like this. it's now super dry, super itchy, red and hot. apo aa..nk senyum pun susah, takut kulit crack sbb kering sgt. have to bath and wash my face with the aqueous cream. i suspect it's eczema which got infected etc, cause i have a strong family history of eczema, but the doc insisted that it was due to an allergic reaction. anyway, i'm off work today. my employer doesnt mind, i can come to work anytime i want, as long as i work at least 6 hours per week. the rest is considered over-time and they'll pay me extra, on top of my fixed pay every month.

nothing much happen nowadays. nadine's off to calisle (pronounced ka-la-il) to start his houseman job. ct's in sunderland and yus, hm, he's all over the place. i'm working most of the days so the house is mostly empty on the day. ellina and oja are coming this weekend, that's something to look forward to, and i plan to make rendang for them. but ct and yus want nasi lemak plak. at the end i decide to cook rendang and nasi lemak + sambal ikan bilis. tapi nk nasi tomato. hmm. yus said rendang cannot be eaten with nasi tomato. but rendang with nasi lemak?'s very clear now that i'm super bored and couldnt write anything else but food.

cant think of anything else to write. am kinda pissed off to the fact that i couldnt call mama, the phone reception at the new house is soo bad i couldnt reach her at all. nk tunggu telekom tu mesti at least 2-3 weeks. sayang is super good and super nice. and i really mean it. he's always there whenever, wherever i need him. cuma kekdg die agak blur + buat lawak bodoh inappropriately, but when he realises the seriousness of an issue, he can give the most valuable comments and advice. miss ya >__<