the days after the exams

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finally my mood is better for me to jolt down a few words here.

my last paper was yesterday. it was alrite. and my 2nd last paper was the day before, it was horrible. it was beyond words. i was so very sad and down on thursday nite i thought of jumping the tyne bridge. no of course i didnt. it was the pain of working hard and then had to answer about some unheard syndromes. it was bloody hard, bloody painful, bloody sad. all i can do now is pray. i'm so not sure what will happen to me if i dont pass this exams, thinking of it makes me wondering what it would feel like to be 'inside' tyne river, so better not to go there. i appreciate no sympathy comments, if there is any, cos first, it's not my intention to get sympathy for writing this in my blog, second, i dont like sympathy nor assurance other than from those who actually marks the papers itself, thank you very much

bet there's some anger and frustation and moody stuff left huh

lets just leave that behind shall we

as soon as the final paper finished on friday, i met up with ct, yus and radzi at the odeon to watch the fantastic 4. altho my head ached, i enjoyed the movie as much as i enjoyed the company. everyone seems in a good mood nowadays. anyway, the movie was good and light, good for me who prefer light and easy and with predicted ending movie. movies nowadays have gone more complex each day, with hidden plots, like there's a twist every 2 seconds, plus the special effects that can make you 'waaahhhh' or 'nga nga nga'. fantastic 4 is a simple superhero movie, with good spandex costumes (hehe), easy and straight forward scripts and adequate special effects. good :)

today i was in an extremely good mood. sayang is in kuantan now to accompany sidek (think some of you might remember sidek from kmys..yup, that sidek) who gonna meminang a girl (zu, budak upm who did matriks at kmys. tak ingat? me neither) who happens to live in kuantan as well. sayang took this opportunity to visit my parents in their new house. yup, the house is finally ready and they have all moved into it last week. i like the fact that sayang is a thoughtful person. like, imagine if it was me, i wouldnt dare to go and stay (yup, he stays overnight at my parents' house) in my future-in-law's house without my fiance. dah tu sayang kamcing bebenor with my mum ('mama elly suke bercerita, saya suka dengar, best lah dgr die cerite'. me--->..err..for 2-3 hours?). well, i'm not complaining huh. think my parents like him too, i think becos sayang is a quiet person who listens well (thing that i like him the most) and like me, my parents dont like way too talkative person who talks rubbish.

so that brightens my day. woke up today feeling very lazy, but i decided to tidy up my room. and indeed i did. changed the bed sheets, tidied the book shelf and my notes, and hovered the whole room. finished it all with burning some teddy tales oil fragrant. nice. me like clean room. nice smell. hmm..didnt do much after that. nadine was nice enough to cook dinner for everyone (lepas me and ct pakse die hihi) and then we watched some tvs. lots of good movies in the tv tonite, we were spoilt of choices, but my heart went to the new (in the uk) tv series, 'House'.

it's a weird series, 'house' is for dr house, the main character of the series. he's, well, a doctor, who is unique (i would say, rude, sometimes) in his contact with his patients. he hates patients, but he's very good in making diagnosis (surprise surprise), he thinks outside the box, if you know what i mean. altho what he does is a typical job for doctors everyday (patient comes with symptoms, doc does history, examinations, investigations etc etc and comes out with a diagnosis or a different diagnosis at the end) and basically that's it. it's a very, very medical series (i'm very not sure how can a non-medical viewer enjoy this series, i can see that in yus's bored face) and i'm very impressed of myself for enjoying this series (me? i dont even like er).

anyway, think i wanna enjoy today and tomoro to the most, before, hopefully, starting to work at the gp surgery again on monday. i told the practice manager at the surgery that i'm not going home this summer and they agreed i can work extra days for them. i wont work for the whole 5 days, just about 3 days each week, hopefully that can give me some extra money. apparently the mara thingy hasnt settled yet, but i've done all that i need to do, but being mara, neither you nor i can change the way they work aka the delays. i'm pretty penniless at the moment but that wont stop me from enjoying this weekends (positive elly, positive)

think i want to read harry potter 6 after this. this time i want to read lines by lines, words by words. oh yeah, forgot to tell you that straight after my last blog entry (ie the night harry potter 6's been launched), i asked nadine, who went to que and buy the book at midnight in town, to buy a copy for me too. i know i know i shouldnt do that, but the thought of having 2 persons who live in the same house reading the latest harry potter book and me have to wait for a week? i so dont very think so. but of course at that time i had to skip lots of lines in order to finish it early (to continue my revision lor) and as a result i missed to realise most of the hints about the ending. the consequence of that? i cried like a (pathetic) baby for a few hours and who else to hear me mengadu? altho he hasnt read the book, and he's a harry potter fan as well, but sayang was willing to listen to all my crying, me cerita A to Z on what happen in the book. bless him. a good listener he was. a selfish fiancee i was. what to do, when a fiancee cries like hell, sape lagi nk pie ngadu? to her fiance lah hehe. nice bloke he is :)

ok ok i want to lay on my newly-changed-bedsheets bed now. might go to town tomoro. NO. tomoro is F1 day. THE F1 race day. mane leh pie mane2. have a nice weekends everyone!

ps/ woo hoo! naruto dah siap download! 4 series beb! wa puasa 4 minggu tu hihi