i'll be fine :)

7/31/2005 03:19:00 PM 0 Comments »
nice, relaxing, calm sunday.

my face has stopped swollen, but the skin is shredding (yup, you read it right, it is shredding) for the 3rd times now. pelik? mmg pun. i'm not sure what went wrong, i eat the same food and do the same thing, nothing's new or weird. but i'm grateful it has stopped swollen, i now use boot's aqueous cream anytime, everytime i shower and put quite some amount of it on my face throughout the day. it's the simplest cream that you can get and i'm not sure what else to use if it doesnt help with my skin. and that the stress already over, i'll have a calm and hopefully organised weeks ahead of me, and hope that my skin goes alrite soon.

ellina and oja came over on friday nite and we talked and talked until 5am in the morning. i'm truly happy, they remind me of the old memories with the old self me, just hanging out with some old shopping partners, with some great late nite talks, with all the gossips and laughs and discussions and plans. i truly, utterly, honestly like them :)

later on saturday i went to odeon with ct and nadine to catch 'charlie and the chocolate factory' or otherwise infamously known in my house as the wanker hehe (cos the main character's name is willy wonka, hence the wanker hehe). it's a typical tim burton's movie, with the over-imaginery settings and costumes with his fav actor, johnny depp, looking at his weirdest but still looking pretty fit himself. i like the movie, it is exactly like what a children movie supposed to be, nobody got killed and that there's a good moral at the end (hint hint not like certain 'children' stories which kill more and more innocent people and the villain got stronger and stronger each book, but i still lluuuurrvvvvee them anyways haha)

i know i havent been honest to everyone, well, not that i'm not being honest, i just prefer not to discuss certain topics to anyone. i know that they are not anyone, they are some of the closest people in my life, but i like to face this journey alone without offending anyone. and i'm thankful to have a bunch of people who cares and supports me in any way they can, and again, thank you. i'll be fine, i know i'll be fine. to quote from a friend, 'it's just happen that our darkest time are while we're in the meds school, i know this will help us become stronger to face the uncertainty of the future'. and that's the words from a chronic bipolar friend of mine, and i'm pretty sure that the others have some beautiful words themselves.

think i better leave it there. just to end this blog with this month horoscope:

'This month, you should try to become more confident, dear Leo, and you should start with it no earlier than today. Believe in your abilities! You might have found out that the people you admire are to a large extend a mere reflection of yourself. You may be upset by this obvious fact, but if you start believing in yourself this month, you will be in on big surprises.'