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7/05/2005 11:02:00 PM 1 Comment »
finally i have some time to write something in here.

these past few days had been the most stressful days ever! at that time i was still home alone and the house was messier than ever. supposed to have my child health assessment on thursday last week but the patient didnt turn out so they asked me to come again on friday. when i went there the next morning, it turned out that there wasnt any clinic AT ALL on friday morning. bloody hell. like i have the whole time in the world to come back and forth to attend a non-existing clinic. i was really annoyed and hence wrote some nasty entry before this one before i decided to delete it off. why? because no one, even myself, would like to read an angry entry.

then on the weekend i had to finish my 2000words essay. bukan sebarang essay, it was a literature review essay and super bloody hell, i had to spend the whole weekend at the library trying to get some journals. and i think the final result was the worst ever essay i've ever written. and yeah, i need to do some presentation as well on my essay topic. bloody stupid. i usually do my written essay stuff earlier, but since the practical assessment supposed to be on the thursday before the weekends, and being a total try-hard-but-useless organised person, i hope to settle things one step at the time, like practical essay first, then essay, then presentation. tapi bila satu tersangkut, everything got mixed up, and being org yg cepat gelabah, things gone from bad to worse.

then on the weekend byk plak dugaan. not a bad one, well dugaan IS dugaan, they got lots of good stuff on the tv that weekend (?? dugaan). they had F1 on both days, then wimbledon final on BOTH days as well, and live8 concert, on BOTH days as well, since they had it live for all live8 concerts around the world and that the time zone difference made it that bbc1 and 2 had them live both days. and..we had to kemas rumah as well since the families and guests are coming the next week.

on top of all, i didnt receive my monthly allowance this month. something got miscommunicate at mara kl. just what i needed...another financial hassle..another stress

monday was an anxious one. i couldnt wait to see ct again, donno, i miss her i admit, and i miss seeing a familiar face. went back home to see her (=D) but then got really panicky when i realised about the presentation AND practical assessment the next day (they reschedule it again for last week hassle). bloody nervous. panic about the presentation, i know my essay, which i handed it on monday and is the topic of my presentation IS a crap, and also the practical assessment in the afternoon. panic panic, i started to have my palpitation and sweating and all those sympathetic symptoms again. i wasnt sure what to do, i know i have to do my work but i couldnt because of being too scared. then i realised it's time for me to test the relaxation muscle tape that i was given during the stress control class (gp sent me there). plus a coffee, yup, with caffeine. after that i felt relaxed and calm, yet motivated and had the most beneficial 6 hours of my time, doing my presentation and revising. very good.

just found out that even tho i take coffee with caffeine, + a full and tiring day, the caffeine doesnt disturb my sleep, like what happen in the past. we'll see what happen in the future eh, whether caffeine will affect my sleep or not hmm..

today was a full one, as predicted. had the morning filled with presentation, and mine was the last one, i hate being last, i just want to get it over with, then i realised one big useful thing: the last presentation wont be asked as many questions as the first presentation. cos by then everyone's tired of asking questions or that they run out of ideas etc etc. why didnt i realised this before? (cos you just cant wait to get it over with and then pay the consequence of having to answer thousand questions). the presentation went well, fuh, well, i wasnt sure about my grade, but they seemed satisfied (again, i might misjudge, but who cares, i'm done with the presentation anyway). had to go straight to gp surgery in the afternoon for the summative assessment (bloody too much assessment, but basically it is for my last week assessment at the gp surgery gila bapak stress but some of it is over now). after that, i went back straight to the hosp to have my all-awaited child health practical assessment. finally. i was determine not to go back home until they assessed me. not that i want to be assessed, it's something that is needed to be done to pass this rotation and i want to be done with. and i HAD my assessment. got a sweet lil boy who lost his conciousness at school, some head injury, then vomitted while i examined him (a. ha. WHILE. i. examined. him.) so i hope all med students + young dr out there know where i'm going at (LOC -> head injury ->vomiting..) anyway, it went well and i finished at about 6. fuh..

went back home to join ct and em and their families for dinner at komal. good food. thanks ct. went back home to meet nadine (yeyeyeyeyye) and his family (cikgu haja ade kat umah aku SEKARANG.. can you believe that? gile terkesima sat tgk die first time nga nga nga). cant help myself. anyway, i'm really happy tonite to see ct, nadine and em again, along with their family. everybody's home and i'm happy :)

couldnt help but to hope my mum is here. it would be a very awkward scene to see my parents mix with my friends' parents. dont you think so? i've always this thought in my mind: school and home ARE 2 different places, or even 2 different dimensions, and that they could not possibly exist together. like i used to live with wirda, liza, mus, and laila, and all those wing-mates at taiping, but i never ever bring them to my house. it wouldnt be acceptable. in my mind. donno. so..back to reality world, altho i wish my mum is here with me right now, i dont think my mind will be able to accept it. haha weirdo think i should get some sleep now. think this is the coffee effect that i drank before the practical assessment this afternoon. or maybe my endophine aka happy hormone was too high tonight as a result of seeing my housemates again. or maybe the indian food that we had at komal which has high cholesterol level. and i think my blog has more medical terms now that it used to. rite...fine...good night :)

ps:/ there 12 people in my house at the mo, and there's 1 toilet. haha we'll managa..

ps:/ congratulations to nadine and em who graduate tomoro!! if my day ends early tomoro, i'll go and see ya at king's hall ok?


DeLiRiuM said...

Terkesima eh? Hahaha.. I'm trying to remember what that word means... Missed ya too! And thanks for the congrats...