slugs & monkey

7/15/2005 01:31:00 AM 2 Comments »

just finished my first paper this morning. hmm..

no one should ask me anything bout the paper k? like anyone would, but just in case..

anyway, it's been really hot in newcastle, except yesterday when it rained for a while and the sun seemed shy to reveal itself. today is alrite. not too hot, but still the sun is no where to be seen. and hmm.. why the hell am i writing about weather?

before terlupe, i got a very very bad news for ellina. yup, you. we found...SLUGS in the kitchen. 4 slugs so far, in 5 nites. besar bapak gila babi nyer. even bigger than my thumb. serious. and as usual, i performed my duty aka as a slug slayer and you know what yus said? 'ee i tak jenis bunuh-bunuh. tak baik huh bunuh' or something like that, siap buat muka2 sekali. not sure bout ct and nadine's views. wish you are here, ellina, i'm sure you'll back me up, or at least be at my side. he made me feel guilty about killing those horrible creatures. like i'm gonna care bout what he said. if tak bunuh, one day the same slug will return and beranak gile banyak. dah la my room is the only one downstairs. i'm determined to fulfill my task huh. and one more thing, it's not my intention to not picking up your call, but you always call me in the wrong time, mase aku mandi la, mase aku masak aa. do call me sometime key bebeh hihi

been a bit moody lately surprise surprise

and sayang hasnt helped either. think i shall call him monyet again. dah perangai cam monyet. got this satu minah cina sabah or sarawak yg macam minat kat die. stupid monyet told me the night before i took my exam. memang nk kene cili betul. i'm not blaming the girl, honestly, the blame is 110% on the guy. and i hate immature guys. everyone knows i hate childish guys. lagi mahu being childish. fine, you do what you want and i just refuse to care. dont call, dont text and do what you want k? bye!

what was that all about?..ignore..

think i deserve a short break today. think i shall continue my book 'the journey to the centre of the earth'. or shall i continue 'the da vinci code'? dua2 pun best gile. alamak, harry potter book will come out tonite! no! i know if i start that book, i just cant stop and lupe everything else, mandi, makan semua lupa. so the best solution is to not start on that book. safer to wait till next friday when i finish my exams. hope i'm patient enough to do that.


DeLiRiuM said...

Don't worry, when it comes to big fat slugs in the kitchen, I tend to reach for the salt the moment I lay eyes on them... ;)

Lotus said...

Good luck with exam, Ely. I pray for your success.Sori tak call before I left for Malaysia.