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ngantuk sih. i'm supposed to start my psychiatry's cd with the laptop, tapi tgh buat pe skrg? update blog...pandai...

hope to write a short one.

nothing much. finished my class to have exams at the end this week. revision is alrite, but not good. not as good as i expected. the counselor told me not to expect too much of myself and takes things easily. a ha.

these past few days had not been the best of days. it wasnt bad; but it wasnt good either. but as usual, we cant have good day everyday, can we? it wasnt stressful, in fact it was moody. yup, i was moody in these past few days. lack of sleep and being a minor autistic (ha.ha.so.funny.not.laughing) i wasnt completely comfortable when there are crowds surrounding my life. let's just leave it there, shall we

got the long-awaited parcel from kak lysa this morning ye ye. it made my day. it contains some magazines that i love most..teka aa. nope, not mangas. nope ellina, not playboys, why would i want that magazine when i have my impian girl living upstairs? hehe just kidding jangan takut aa makcik bilik atas. i also received some kopoks, a vcd (sepet) and a t-shirt that kak lysa bought for me from hongkong. nice.

gtg. cya