good sunday!

5/08/2005 03:06:00 PM 0 Comments »
doaku termakbul!! michael schumacher nyer tayar pancit MUAHAHAHAHA. finally raikonen won with a more than 20sec lead. sad to see alonso didnt win in his own hometown, but having had michael schumacher's tyre flat, that is enough to make today another good day for me yey!

another reason to a good day is that i finally finish my presentation ye ha! siap ct check lagi. wanted to mention this for a long time - final years are soo hebat! their knowledge..fuh..complete and thorough. tho i only knew 2 final year medics and both of them hebat gile, knowledge wise. fuh wish i could be like them..wise and knowledgable..dream on mak nenek pie bukak buku aa hehe sengih kambing..

not sure what else to right. maybe i'll write more tonite.