plain sunday

5/15/2005 11:40:00 AM 2 Comments »
good morning

am having my breakfast at the moment. decaf nescafe with brown sugar and coffeemate, and 4 pieces of toast white bread with butter and sugar. i thought of having my usual toast bread with choco spread, then i suddenly remember sweet old kmys days. wirda liked toast white bread with butter and sugar A LOT. i'm not sure whether she still like it or not. havent seen her for some time, the last time was last year at my engagement ceremony, and takkan la nk tanye about white bread with butter and sugar. well, she's getting married soon, like, in 2 weeks time, tho i'm not there, at least i'm thinking about her. i remember liza with her purple dress, mus with her elle's platform sandals, and laila with her turtles. nice old memories.

there were 5 of us back then and i'm the only one left unmarried. mus married first, then laila and liza, and wirda will be married soon. the first two have already had babies too. havent met them tho. i bet liza will be getting one soon after she finishes her final hihi. maybe wirda too hihi. congrates.

well, that's not what i have in mind to write this morning.

ellina came to newcastle on thursday. me sukahati gila bobeng, you couldnt believe how happy i was to meet her. miss talking to her A LOT. she didnt stay over as she's catching a flight to US on friday. but we managed to spend a few hours with ourselves and talked like there's no tomoro haha. hope you have a safe and nice trip to US.

saturday was a long day. we had our 3rd BBQ yesterday, with yus's favourite honey & lemon chicken, and black pepper & rosemary steak. i made the usual coleslaw, and ct made potato salad and apple crumble with custard. yum yum. zareen was there too. and i met someone's sister too. oh my god...mak..lawanya nko... seriously mind blowing gile cun tahap gaban nyer. lawa lawa lawaaaaaa. tak puas mata memandang...drooling...cant take my eyes off her.. oh me sooo like beautiful girls...

anyway, we had a good bbq yesterday. i think i talked a lot for these past few days. i dont like it. i feel like i asked too many questions and interfered people's privacy. i feel like i reveal too much and i dont like it.

no plan for today. finished my cidr rotation last week and will have obs & gynae next week. not sure what to read. maybe i read about babies, babies, and more babies! ye ha!

nah. think i'm gonna watch tv and enjoy this free time while i can haha. have a nice day!


Lotus said...

elly, kylie diagnosed with breast cancer. Uhuk.

ellyz said...

aku tahu. dgr from radio pagi tadi. sian die kene postpone/cancel her world tour. sedih sedih