silly monday

5/09/2005 01:08:00 PM 2 Comments »

stood there for 10 minutes to remember my pin number. all i had in my pocket was 1 pound and that wasnt enough for the bus fare to north tyneside hosp. complete mental block. i've used my debit card for more than a year and yet i just stood there in front of the 3rd atm machine, wondering why the hell it said wrong pin number? sebbaik got this voice behind my head telling me it would be really really menyusahkan if my card kene telan. and all i had was 1 pound.

obviously, after just stood there for 10 minutes, then i realised i've been using my old old pin number. bodoh. then it (still) took me a while to remember back my new pin number (it's not new, bodoh you've been using that pin for a year). so where and how can i get my new pin number? lor..sebbaik bwk my handphone, i put it there for this kind of situation. then i got my money, missed the 1st and 2nd bus and the 3rd bus was late and i arrived at the hosp 1/2hour late. rase bodoh giler

obviously i got something in my mind that got me blur all morning.

fine. fine. i wont play bluff again. ever EVER.

all i did was childish and foolish.

it haunts me all night, and obviously, this morning as well.

childish. foolish. bodoh

i'm not good in apologising but i think i deserve a (or 2, or 3, or any number) really good smack on the head. hard. anyone?

the best way is to keep my distance from everyone.

definitely need an anger management. i've been hurting everyone around me. psycho violent stupid ignorant selfish me


DeLiRiuM said...

Wei...the bluff game was fun la! =)

ellyz said...

i dont think smacking someone's head and shouting are fun