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autumn has officially arrived at newcastle. grey sky and super strong wind have totally conquered newcastle. yet my daily routine is still the same. got to wake up at 7 and leave the house at 7.40 to catch 2 buses to reach my destination by 9. yup, i reached my destination aka the hospital at 9am sharp today and finished at 5..sharp. tired and hungry, i reached home at 6ish. everyday with the same schedule.

lor..byk plak complain-complain. bukan semue org keje mmg waktu camtu ke ie 9-5 every single day? plus half day on saturday lg. only got a day ie sunday to relax. just one tiny winy thingy, they all GOT PAID. tho some of working people hate their jobs, they just continue doing it. first, they got some other mouths to feed aka wife, kids, parents etc. then there's the morgage, the car, the credit cards, house rent yada yada yada. it's all gotta do with MONEY. money can make ppl do whatever things they actually dont want to do. of course, my personal opinion...

hmm...actually i wanted to write about other stuff, but then about half way, my housemates called me to help them rearrange the living room and clean the spair room upstair. maybe next time i'll write about some interesting stuff. got this one very 'interesting' stuff. i think it's worth writing it in this blog. it's my blog anyway. i said it is worth to write it down in my blog so that in a few months time, when i re-read my previous blog entry, i can have something to laugh about. scary pun ade. good stuff huh.

key word 1 = lick
key word 2 = morning