boring saturday... yey?

9/25/2004 01:15:00 PM 0 Comments »
saturday is supposed to be the best day of the week. well, that's what i thought. and what am i doing now? nothing. and am i supposed to be happy and enjoying every little bit of it while it last? if you ask me a year ago, then the answer would be yes. but now.. i feel..bored. damn bored. my partner in crime aka elina went to london yesterday and left me hanging here in newcastle alone. and the weather isnt helping at all. it put a definite no-no for me to go to town. eat and cook? nope nope cause i'm fasting today..ayo ganti posa la. should i go and cook now tuk buke posa kul 7.02? dont think so. sleep? 've done that so the last 10 hours. read book? it's saturday, for god's sake!

obviously i lead a boring life here in newcastle. every weekdays with the same routine. and now i'm lost during weekends. am i complaining? i know i shouldnt. boring boring.

i dont want this blog to be dull. but since i have a dull life, hence dull story, hence dull blog...

ok ok, let me think of something. think i might create something, like an art piece or something, in order to fill my bare wall. kinda interesting. ok ok, now what art piece? i cant say it is exactly an art piece, but people used to tell me i'm good in cutting colourful papers and stick them together to make cards and posters, as i have good colour coordination (that's what they all said, i'm not trying to angkat bakul here). u uh, think i might do that.

life is dull, if you made them dull