la la la?

9/16/2004 08:28:00 PM 0 Comments »
tomoro's friday! yey! i've always like friday, as it means a full 2-day weekend is coming. the best day ever is saturday. but i hate sunday.. as it means monday is coming. i like monday it means the week has started and at the end of the day, there will be 4 days left. ha ha clearly i dont have any story to write here...

i called my mum yesterday. she said she missed me, she even 'mengigau' sometimes, hearing my voice calling 'mama!'. sian die. mum said that dad will be having another trip to moscow next may/june and as usual will have a stopover in london. it's a week-ish trip, and mum said she gonna follow my dad and stay with me here in newcastle while dad doing his business thingy in moscow. yey! i also got another good news. mum said she gonna sponsor my fiancee's flight ticket to come to newcastle this christmas. wow!

i called azali today to tell him about the news. you know what he said?

something that is really annoying, pisses me off a bit but i just couldnt marah him. bcause he's my fiancee. and i love him so much. and THAT pisses me off more.

engagements and fiances. why do these things exist? it ruined my perfect week :(