finally FINALLY!!

9/11/2004 11:15:00 AM 0 Comments »
FINALLY i got my room. my new sweet damn fucking room. after a week, 1 whole week i had to stay in a friend's house (cos the bloody house/room/whatsoever isnt ready yet), finally i got my new room. and i didnt waste a sec to unpack!

initially, i have thought about the 'Minimalist' theme for my new room, since it's quite spacious. i had it paint all white, and planned to store most of my stuff in the extra storage compartment in my room + house. unfortunately, my stuff is way TOOOO many, even the extra storage compartment in the house cannot fit my stuff. tappe kot, i'm too happy myself to have my own room and space back, the minimalist thingy didnt bother me that much. i try to keep my stuff as minimal as possible, but with the big bean bag + big koala bear + 10++ coats and jackets + 24" tv yada yada yada, no wonder i couldnt fit everything in the storage compartment haha. well, i will not complain, as they are all my 4-year-total-collection stuff anyway.

my room is huge. not huge huge, but it's huge for me. my past rooms (4 year=4 house/flat=4 rooms) are small. my new room can fit a double bed, 1 cupboard, 1 study desk, 1 6feet book shelf, 1 2m wide shelf, 1 single and so-comfy armchair, 24" tv, 1 small centre table, 2 small book shelf, 1 shoe rack, and there is still 1 empty space for the size of +/- 2 double beds in the middle! hehe nice one.

my room is the only room downstairs. the other 3 of my housemates live on the 1st floor. 2 of the rooms are about my room's size, and the 3rd one is slightly smaller. and we have the 5th room, which is the smallest room, but it's still bigger than that kmys's room! no one lives there. the living room and the kitchen are huge too, it's about my room's size. i guess the house is pretty big for 4 of us. the house condition is ok overall, i have to admit it's not perfect. but houses in fenham are always like that. you cant compare it with houses in heaton or jesmond (posh areas in newcastle). the rent there is sometimes twice the rent here in fenham. so that's why i will not complain. as long as the house is warm, clean and safe, with nice housemates (this is the most important aspect), i am more than happy to live in that house. tho we didnt have a good start ( the landlord spent wayyy tooo long to prepare the house), i do think things couldnt be better now. to my dear housemates, it's nice having you guys as my housemates and i hope we can bear with each other good and bad sides. i do hope we can live in this new house for the next few years.

donno why, today i'm sooo diplomatic and optimistic

good day everyone