blissful saturday

9/18/2004 08:55:00 AM 0 Comments »
saturday...what a bliss. i woke up at 8am-ish and stayed on my bed doing nothing for the next hour or 2. my thought was with azali and his not-so-fresh face in the morning... kerang busuk! hihi. and his hair will be very comot. miss him (tho still marah kat die eee geram geram)

last nite me and elina went to leazes park (a park near uni and town). there was this 'Screen on the Green' thingy which showed a movie on a big screen (dhoh..too obvious). last nite it was the 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark'. i've never watched any open screen movie b4. last nite was exciting. a bit cold tho, but it was worth it. and this nite there will be 'Moulin Rouge'. bet it will be fun. nadine and the others are going too. it MUST be fun and exciting!

just discovered the title of Harry Potter 6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. dhoh? what? who? the author said that the half blood prince is neither Harry nor Voldemont. then who? oh man, i cant wait. isnt it too late to introduce a new character? book 6 is supposed to be the 2nd last book. it cant be neville longbottom? no no no.

i want to watch a movie. a really good one. it's been ages since i last watch big movies like LOTR3, spiderman 2, HP3. i dont really fancy chic flick movies. or comedies. but there is no big budget movie right now in the cinema. cant wait for 'Hero' to come to uk next friday. nope elina, there is no advanced screening. huhu guess i have to watch it with somebody else cos you are going to london on that friday, arent you? tappe aa..maybe i'll just go and watch the movie by myself. totally fine with me. honest. i rather go alone than have to go with somebody who is annoying. lucky all my frens (*repeat: my f.r.e.n.s) here in newcastle are all ok and not annoying haha.

i'm writing this blog while watching cduk on itv. need to update my entertainment knowlegde, definitely. think i might go to town after this. wakey wakey ellina!! you told me last nite you want to ikut me to town today. somebody recommends me to read 'memoirs of a geisha' so i think i might go and buy that book. i also need to get some lacey curtain for my window. and also a small lamp, any lamp basically, to accompany me at night. i cant sleep with the light totally off, you know. i've been using my study lamp for these past few days and i think i need a proper 'night light', if there is such thing..hmm

wah wah the sun is out! have a nice day everyone