bad wednesday

9/22/2004 08:47:00 AM 0 Comments »
weather sungguh la tak baik nyer.since last weekend.and this morning pun lagih teruk. punye la penat aku bgn tido kul 7. pagi tu!! dah la aku dh decide nk jalan pie town every morning, 25 minutes tu!! ha ha my mission is NOT to be fatter than da bitch. well that's another story. sampai town naik bus pie hosp. sampai2 hosp je, class kensel...patient tak sihat and takmo di interview. wtf? sabo sabo

spent er...8-9 hours yesterday reading a book. memoirs of geisha. tak buat keje langsung! aisey this is not good. tapi ape nk wat...too absorb with that book. it's quite a good book. i dont, more like i cant read thick fiction book cos i will then be too excited, way tooo excited to read and will always read the final chapter first. mmg la tak best, but i just cant control my excitement. but this book is different (well last nite i did read the last page hoho). bcos it's like a biography, or like the author said, memoir, the book has its own pace and chronology that i have to read properly, or else i will not understand. and japan has always fascinates me. their proper-ness, and even their 'double meaning' tu sometimes quite weird gak. susah woo nk jadi geisha. you have to learn to dance, sing, play music instruments as well as to be alert and aware all the time. 'gei' means art, so geisha is an artist/artisan. i dont think they are prostitutes. cos prostitutes main job is getting paid for their sex. geisha on the other hand, entertains. and they got gifts, really expensive gifts for being a good entertainer. like other job as well, sometimes ppl do sleep with their colleague ie an affair. like geisha as well. they dont give sex every nite to any man. they entertain. i know it's not as simple as that, but that's what i thought, in a simple way.

need to get some nap now. or should i finish reading that book? it's only 20ish pages more, u see.

good day everyone