what we did last weekend

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in an attempt to boost my mood, i'll post out some pics

this is what i did last weekend

the weather was great

puncak titiwangsa. not as chilly as i thought it would be

this is us!

finally after about 2 hours of driving, we have arrived! what? rumah panjang? nice architecture though. i know who would appreciate all of these hehe (you know who you are)

nice right?

i thought the design was gorgeous

our room. i thought the interior was unique. but a bit smaller than i've anticipated. but it was nice nevertheless

our view, the lake (where?)

lurve the toilet. sleek!

the best part is the sink

the dress, my LBD (little black dress hihi)

the make-up. oh i love dressing up! i've been collecting all the make-ups for quite sometime and i think i have completed my collection, well maybe i need to get a good loose powder. a complete collection consists of (lists according to the ones you apply first):
1) face base cream
2) concealer - eye base + skin
3) foundation
4) loose powder
5) eye-shadow - base
6) eye-shadow - colour
7) eye-liner
8) mascara
9) eye-brow liner
10) blusher
11) lipstick
12) lip-liner
13) lip-gloss
14) illuminator powder for final touch
15) good collection of brushes
16) make-up remover
i think that's it. obviously this is just a basic collection of make-ups, ie the must-haves. there are lots and lots of other make-ups that can be included in the list. anyway, i was so excited to play with the brushes again and it took me about an hour to do my make-up this time, excluding the time to put the contact-lens and the hair-do. i think the most precious make-up that i own so far is the gel eye-liner by bobby brown. i didnt realise it was so easy to apply, obviously it must be applied using the special brush they supply, and it gave amazing result!
maybe on one good, good day, i'll post some d-i-y make-up technique. it would be fun!
wish i could post the final make-up face result, along with the dress that i worn!
btw i know i did alright with the make-up when hubby said 'you look beautiful' and sengih from ear to ear when he saw me!

the candle-light dinner

the appetizer

the main course

the dessert
overall it was a great night. the service was great, they provided everything that we asked and they excluded everything that we didnt need.

the next day...

a cup of tea, anyone?

green, and more green

so there we were! the famous tasik banding, and we were staying at belum rainforest resort, pulau banding. the scene was great, but i thought tasik kenyir has better view. maybe next trip, dear?

us again

after breakfast
thank you for taking me as i am
luv ya


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i hate my template

i guess green doesnt really suit me

i'll stay in black until this cloud leaves my head


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what an odd week

we barely have classes this week. class to start at 11am and finish at 2pm and free for the rest of the day? then to start the next day on 11am again?

what an odd, odd week

i aint complaining, but i hate unproductive days. even yesterday the class finished quite early. am i in the final year or what?

as you can guess, my mood is not actually at its best.

someone asked some really stupid and idiotic questions today. really hate it when someone asks question with so bloody damn obvious answer.

'oh is that lisptick on the mannequin?'

'why do you wear lipstick?'

because i feel like i want to, you asshole

such a stupid, stupid question

if you dont know what else to say or ask, just shut the fuck up

what do you expect me to answer? 'oh this morning i 'accidently' put some lipstick on' or 'oh ade lipstick ke, oh tak perasan la'. what the fuck? what kind of question is that?

i wont let people change me for who i am

i am what i am, and unless i ask for your opinion, just shut the fuck up

this person has pisses me off for quite some time, and this is not the first time such stupid questions being asked to me


i promise you if this stupid person who keeps on asking stupid questions to me ask me some more stupid, stupid questions, i'll slap it hard on the face

example of someone who has mouth wayy bigger than their head

i hate it la when people starts to ask question about me and my life and my decision and my choices, when they in fact is nothing significant whatsoever to me

i just like to be myself

take it or leave it

what you see is what you get

i dont ask stupid question to you, you dont ask stupid question to me, got it?

now i need to do something to clear off my mind

this is a loonnnggg entry.. you have been warned!

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went back to kl last weekend. it wasnt planned tho, i initially thought of staying at the uni as for the next week i'll be having some papers. but it was going to be a long weekend! with free days on friday, saturday and sunday, and when i found out that thursday was free as well, i know i had to come home. so there i go: driving to kl on wednesday afternoon at 4 sharp, and reached kl at almost 11pm!

let me tell you about my first experience driving at nite. it was not a typical night driving, definitely not like night driving at kl where lights and neons are everywhere you feel like daylight anyway. this was almost 4 hours driving on mainly kampung route, in the middle of hutan somewhere. good thing about it was that there was more or less no car or any vehicle at all, to my surprise. so ape lagi, pecut la all the way haha. me lurve high beam hehe. bad news was that the route was, like i mention before, in the middle of the jungle somewhere. TAKUT! dono what made me decided to drive at such a late time instead of on the next day thursday morning (well i do know the reasons haha 1)takmo bosan katak on that wednesday night as my roomate went home on wednesday morning 2)bengang kat hubby who refused to let me ponteng that 1-hour class on wednesday afternoon, so typical me bile dah bengang, want to do something to show to hubby that i'm capable of doing something adventurous 3)miss hubby terribly! haha i think the number 3 gave me the most motivation to drive all 7 hours!)

so, where are we? right. night driving. the maghrib time was the most challenging (and scary!) time of all. imagine yourself driving alone (well, in my case, i brought along kenchi and kaoru, my kura2 along at the back seat as i could not find anyone to babysit(!) :p them over the weekend), with no car at all on the road, at the middle of hutan somewhere, with no phone or radio reception at all, and not even a single house on sight.. what will you do? what i did was... i switched off the cd, put the high beam on, drive as fast as i could, and cite (more like shout) all the surah2 that i know of. i did this for about 1 hour, until i almost lost my voice, until i reached the next small town. scary i tell you. will i do it again? NO i dont think so. but i admit it was such an experience hehe me like adventure =D

another driving milestones for me =DD

so i reached kl at about 11pm and went straight to hubby's warm arms (heheh). sometimes it's hard to believe about the things that hubby let me do by myself (including driving alone at the middle of the night, at the middle of the jungle), but i know he knows me the best. he understands me. he knows i'm a careful driver (hehe) and that my motivation to drive home is strong. he knows that if he didnt let me drive that night, i will be, in nicer word, 'unsatisfied' ie tak puas hati, and i wont have a good rest and sleep that night, and that i will leave my hostel the next very early morning, maybe at 3 in the morning or something. so lack of sleep + tired + bengang + tak puas hati + too early morning driving = nahas. so i guess hubby does know me the best =p

ok, the next day, after tido tak ingat dunia that wednesday night, i went to subang to my bro's, jiman, house. hubby of course had to go work. i'm now much more confident on driving at kl. no more switch off the radio heheh. damansara to subang only takes about 20 minutes of driving. and guess who greeted me at subang? my maisarah of course! this dearest niece of mine was smiling ear-to-ear and literally ran towards me and hugged me tightly when i arrived at the door. i heart you maisarah!

thursday was spent with jiman's family and mama. drove mama to ampang to see our house reconstruction. it's gonna be a huge house when it's finished, a big 5-bedroom house. mama is going to live there when it's finished at the end of december, and my siblings and i promised to take turns to live and take care of her there, hence the 4 + 1 bedroom (total siblings i have are 4 including myself). anyway, the house construction is going very well and all of us are excited to see the final result.

after that mama & i went to our usual spot, klcc. jalan2 cuci mata. thanks mama for the levi's jean! it was totally unexpected. i gained (a lot) of weight recently and i couldnt even fit any of my jeans. muat tu muat, but like pisang nangka huhu. for the last few months i've been trying to find in vain a nice, suitable jeans that can actually fit my (big, fat) butt but with no success at all. last month i bought a pair of jeans from dorothy perkins at oneutama, it's not the most ideal, but i used to wear dorothy perkins' jeans and tops quite a lot in the past while i was at the uk (it's a uk brand) and i know their jeans are wearable for my body (mostly, for my butt). but to find a pair of jeans that's actually fits and compliments my bottom half (meaning: it doesnt make it look bigger that it actually does), it's quite a task. i think i manage to find one it every 2-3 years, maybe? and now that i'm bigger (and fatter huhu), with my body fat tends to accummulate more at the butt and the thigh areas (huhu), i can say it is quite impossible to find a pair of jeans that actually fits. so last thursday was like a miracle. first, to finally, finally found a pair of jeans that fits super NICELY on me, second, to have someone else to pay it for me. MIRACLE, i tell you =DD

anyway, super thanks to mama for making me super happy that day. later on that day both of us went for lunch there at klcc, then i drove her back to subang, and me back to damansara to be with hubby.

on friday, mama, iwan (my youngest bro who returned home from utp the night before), hubby and i went again to our ampang's house for the construction manager wanted to see mama to update with the house's progress. later on, after sending hubby to work, i had lunch with mama and iwan at ampang point. then iwan went to lowyatt for some computer thingy, and i drove mama back to subang. later that afternoon i arranged for a meet up with one of my oldest, bestest friend ever, ellina. miss her so much! we met up at AU2 jaya jusco keramat and had dinner at some korean's restaurant. the bbq chicken salad was tasty. most of all, i was truly happy and glad to be able to meet up with her, borak sane borak sini. reminds me of some good ol' memories hmm. it's good to see her happy with her life and work. her suzuki swift was cool too :p

on saturday, i managed to pujuk hubby to not go to work :p. we just lepak2, baring2 depan tv, just enjoying each other's company =D. oh yeah, earlier that day, we went to petaling jaya for my other good old friend from newcastle, oja, for her raya open house. best soto die, dah lame tak makan soto. paling best her apple crumble! malam tu i told hubby i craved for apple crumble but he wasnt sure where to get some, so he belanja me cendol instead. takpe la, it's the thought that counts. anyway, so this weekend i didnt only met 1 old friend, but 2 of them! not only they are my old friends, they're good, good friends. i dont have that many good friends, yes i do have many friends, but to own such a good, good friend who knows and understands you, that's rare. so overall it was such a great weekend to sum up.

oklah, better log off now. i cant wait for this posting to end, no dont get me wrong, i do enjoy this posting and i know i'm going to be sad when it ends, but it's this weekend that i'm eagerly waiting for. it's our 1st anniversary! marriage anniversary, not relationship anniversary. i totally forgot on the exact date when we first got together, but we've been together since 2001, so this year is our 8th year together! but that doesnt count, with all the break-ups and make-ups hehe i promise to make a separate blog post for that one. see ya this friday, hubby! :)


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helo helo

this weekend is not a typical weekend. my schedule is empty, just finished the last posting on thursday, so my head is free of worry of assigments, logbooks, exams etc. so supposedly i'll be happy to be lazying around, like laying on the bed facing the ceiling and just kelap-kelip with nothing to do (one of my other guilty pleasures haha), but as i said, this weekend is not a typical one. i want to do something! tasks! homework! reading! anything!

sangat pelik i tell you this feeling

so what i decided to do was kemas-ing my room. thoroughly. kemas tu kemas ni, arrange this and that, siap tukar2 position side tables lagi, then sapu and mop etc. and now i'm done. but i want to do more! my room is a tiny one i tell you, so dah takde apekende lagi nak kemas dah. almari baju? check. book on the shelf? check. jahit butang etc yg dah koyak? check. kemas make-up? check. lap all the surface, sapu lantai + mop? check, check and check! what else to do?

think i'll open up the books for my next posting. hope i'll enjoy this next one


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decided to blog out of boredom

cant seem to bother to revise. yes, next week there's some what-do-you-call exams, but right now, i cant seem to bother about anything. i blame it on the hectic sleeping schedule. i need a good sleeping pattern to function well. right now i've trained myself to sleep less, and i can function ok, tho not to the max potential, when i sleep 5 hours daily, it used to be 7-8 hours daily sleeping requirement. but 2 nights ago i slept at 5 in the morning to finish this one report, and at the end it disturbed my body schedule. and this morning i had to wake up early to send dear viva for its 20k km services, hence this sleepy head. had an hour nap later on, but still i have my head in the clouds.

one other reason of my refusal to open the book is because i hate this posting. hate it to bits. enough said.

anyway, lets talk something random..

i cut my hair over the raya hols. i know i was gonna regret it, but i did it anyway cos i know it's for the best. i lurvveeee having a long hair, but wearing a tudung + unorganised, stressful life of a final student makes it hard to manage a long hair. i've tried for more than a year now, but it still gives frustating result. dandruff and hair fall are the worst. i tried changing to good, quality shampoos, get some hair salon treatment etc but still it's not as healthy as it used to be. what to do.. so at the end i decided to cut my hair sob sob

mr eczema has returned. at his favourite place of all: my neck. benci gile. i'm definitely sure it's all due the stress that i experience doing this current posting. mmg everytime i stress, mase tu gatal sana, gatal sini and then next day tada! dah ade kat my neck. i've been using the same steroid cream, but it's not working, neck eczema mmg degil, i've experienced it before. so the best thing to do now is to level down my stress level. and maybe next week i'll try to get a more potent steroid cream.

bosan. hubby is starting a new job since 2 weeks ago, and as usual, he's really into it. 'cant talk to you lah, byk keje kene belajar/buat ni huh'. i'm feeling neglected huh. one of my guilty pleasure is being spoilt by dear hubby, and i hate it when he cant seem to pay all his attention to me huh.

i cant believe it's gonna be a year since we got married. our 1st anniversary! i already have some plan to celebrate that day with him, but with him starting a new job, not sure whether he can take a leave or not. sigh. i have no choice but to understand. but i still hope we can spend some good time together on that day.

dono what else to write. i'm such an anti-social person. malas nak kuar, malas nak jumpe org, lagilah malas nak borak. i just want to borak to one person. hubby la of course. tonight got some jamuan hari raya at one of the halls at the uni, tapi rase malassss sgt nk pegie. tapi dah byr rm10 huh. malas nak iron baju kurung, iron tudung lagi, and most of all, paling malas nak jumpe org. tgk la nnt how's my mood.

i want my hubby :(