back for good :)

7/24/2008 05:35:00 AM 0 Comments »

i'm back. and it felt good :)

finally i have internet in my room. about time also. after about 4 weeks of internet-less. and after that 4 weeks also i finally have my own student card. that's why now i can register to wifi, and also get the uni car sticker. now i'm officially a student here hihi

life is good. bz, very bz, but i have already predicted that. but life is indeed good :)

let me just recall what had happened in the past 4 weeks:

orientation week. yup, i HAD to go and JOINED the orientation week. along with the other hundreds of new students. FIRST year student (!). damn i felt so old. most of them are even 10 years younger than me (!). gosh i felt ancient. but i loved every minute of it. i felt very blessed and grateful for being here. not everyone had the chance to experience what i had experienced. i know it felt a bit weird to say that, but that was exactly how i felt. and i still have the same feeling up to this moment :p

now it's been 3 weeks since the class started. how interesting it has been. i know i know i can be a complain freak sometimes, i know i tend to complain and whinge, like, a lot, but now that i realised it, i try not to do it that often.

life has been, how to say, different yet interesting since i moved here. i met new friends, i have roomate now, in fact 2 roomates now since there are 3 of us living in the same room. it's been almost 10 years now since i share my room with somebody else, so the feeling is.. i'm not sure how to say it.. i dont think i mind it at all, to be truthful. and to be living on a single bed, double-decker plak tu, this are all new things to me. and surprisingly, i dont mind it all. i had the chance to move to a better room but i decided to stay. i've decided to go with the flow, to be grateful for whatever rezeki that He gives me.

oklah, think i'll take a nap now. this week has been a busy one, and my 28-year-old cells are not as young as like it was 10 years ago. seriously it felt different, but me and my body will (hopefully) try the best we can and cope hehe