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just came back from oncall. weekend oncall! it was, erm, boring for some of the time, especially when you got only a few hours of sleep the night before, but overall the oncall was, again, interesting. i learnt a few new things, and the place that i was attached to was free of students, so i dont mind it all. i did curse silently a bit this afternoon to dearest roomates for buat bising until 4 in the morning last night (but i dont blame them.. it was in fact weekend night and they are afterall teenagers..) when my eyelids felt like they couldnt open anymore, but after an hour nap during lunch time, i felt fresh again. i guess this is life from now on. try to steal as much time as possible to sleep!

and it aint over yet. the oncall finishes at midnite tee hee hee

what for dinner tonight? food is so damn cheap here. seriously! you can have 3 full meals a day for less than rm10 - total for 3 meals! and one more good thing about being busy, you tend not to put on weight even if you eat a lot. well, it did that to me. in fact i think i'm losing weight hehe since all my clothes seem to be looser than it did before.

cant wait for the uni break in 2 weeks time! gonna drive for 5-6 hours straight - alone! hehe me like adventure hehe. i dont think anyone, meaning abah, mama or even azali to like that idea, but i insist on driving alone hehe. i thought it would be an interesting thing to do :) but of course i'll take some precaution like i will only drive during the day and not at night, and i'll check the car the day before. i'm sure it'll be alright. however, my car is not well at the moment :( kesian die terdampar kat depan hostel. i've already called the mechanic, well it wasnt me, it was a friend of a friend of a friend, and he is local and he knows a mechanic who uses turbo engine. the mechanic supposed to come today, but i guess he's busy and will come probably tomoro.

takpe la. one super big lesson that i learn for the past few months ie since i come back from the uk is to be PATIENT. and that is a very valuable lesson to learn. i know i'm not the most patient person, in fact i am very very impatient in, like, everything, so if there is anything that i got from everything that had happened, is to learn to be patient, and to just take and accept what happen around you and most of all, be grateful for what you have, for what He gives you :)

oklah, nak pie mandi. maybe wash some dirty clothes. here got some washing machines that you can pay to wash your clothes, but i think i'll wash manually today. lagipun i've got some time to spare before the oncall starts again at 8. nowadays i tend to do things that i feel like doing, and i wont try to find a reason for any of my action anymore. as long as it's sensible, i'll do it. then maybe after that i'll go to the cafe to tapau some food for dinner. calo :)


Liza Yaakup said...

hey trunx! started working already? keje kat mana?

DeLiRiuM said...

Good to know you're having a good start. I'm sure it'll only get more interesting as time goes on.

And guess what? I finally got a car too! I'm sure you'll love it :)

ellina said...

oiks oiks! must meet up! hehe sori kredit takdak huhu