a not-so-great night

7/28/2008 11:01:00 AM 0 Comments »
oh my god, OH MY GOD!! just went online and an idea just popped into my head to browse to tgv.com.my and what a mistake it was. THE SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE is on!! i have waited for a long long time for that movie to surface, and i thought it would never be permitted for screening in malaysia's cinemas, but there it is - ready, available and accesible to all movie-goers to watch it. but oh-no-what-is-this-can't-be-true: the place that i'm habitating for the last 4 weeks aint got any cinema :(((((( what the hell curse that curse this T_T

speechless (plus more curses)

and there are great movies like the dark knight, journey to the centre of the earth, the x-files, hellboy 2, wanted, hancock etc - all the movies that i've always wanted to see, they are all shown now at the cinemas....

what the hell

i should have predicted this. i should have known. in fact i'm actually fully aware of the absence-ness of any cinemas in this place, and i thought i was able to cope with not going to any cinemas for a couple of months. but to have SATC the movie shown now? now? NOW?? now when i cant reach any cinema for less than 2 hours driving?

speechless (and more curses)

i did try to get a dvd copy of movies last week. i bought the dark knight dvd at pasar malam.. and again, what a mistake it was. the seller said terang, and in the place where my brother usually buy pirated dvd like in ampang, damansara, or even in kuantan, the sellers were usually honest, and they'll say it if the dvd copies were terang, jelas or not. but, obviously, that didnt happen at this place where i currently live. penipu. the dvd was unclear, dah la gelap, then suara tak jelas. i curse you, dvd seller huh.

i dont usually buy pirated dvd, i am in fact a very loyal cinema-goer, i dont mind seeing a movie alone as long as i can watch a good movie, but since i now live in this remote place, that cant be helped. if there is original dvd sold out there, i would buy it. but again, that wasnt the case in this place.

curse curse

ok. fine.

calm elly calm

point of my story: i hate unclear dvd when the seller said otherwise. i dont hate this place for not having any cinemas, it just the way it is around here, and i'm fully aware of that, but dasar penipu tu that i hate the most.


actually i think my outburst today has little to do with the cinemas, the dvd, SATC etc, when i come to think of it. well, it was one of the triggers, minor ones. it was just pure tiredness, exhaustion and overall, annoyance. am still recovering from a full over-the-clock oncall over the weekend, and this afternoon i received a rather annoying news from the uni. the annoying super-slow, the so-called birokrasi-ness in a local government-base uni. i actually dont know what birokrasi means, i was told it is the lembab-ness, go through the system one-by-one, the protocols etc. i know i know i should have known this when i decide to come here, but one's patience does have a limit. some of the times i thought, lembabnye buat keje.. certain things you can just finish it there and then, just spend an extra 5 minutes, press this and that. but NO, you have to do this first, that first, and yeah, 'you dont need that now, do you?' attitude that i dont like. and the 'you have to do this and that because it's always been like that'. honestly!

and you know what, again, all of these have thought me to be more... patient. things can be done... eventually (altho dont know when). i just have to be... patient. right. and that is the moral of today's story. i just hope in my effort to be more patient doesnt lead me to become more lembab in doing my work huh.