chasing one's dream..

6/22/2008 02:02:00 PM 2 Comments »

am back in kuantan. penat!

think i take back what i wrote in my last entry. about being unwell causing you to lose weight. think i overdid it this time. talking about bad advice! to myself that is huhu. my sorethroat is getting worse each day huhu.

gosh i cant believe i will be leaving at the end of this week. it's been about 7-8 months since i came back home. now it's time to leave again, altho not as far away as before. still it's 5 hours drive, not 12-hour flight! so i'm grateful with everything that had happened, everything that He gives me, everything that He has destined me to do.

being the usual me, i'm the kind of person who is afraid of changes. this new path that i decided to choose. it will be the same, yet different path than before. nevertheless i know i should choose a path, a route, no matter what it is. and i chose this path. my heart chose it. now i know what it means when people talk about chasing one's dream. cause i am chasing a dream of my own. now. a part of me is glad that i have finally chosen a path and more glad that it is my own dream, but the other part is telling me that i'm crazy and it's totally unbelievable that i chose this path, after all that had happened. what i lack now is commitment and patient. i know that this path that i've chosen is in fact my dream, my ambition, my love, but do i have the strength, commitment and patient to do it?

i have to believe that now, at this moment, i am chasing a dream. my dream. not anyone's dream, but my own. may Allah guide me in my journey, amin.


Lotus said...

good luck elly for whatever path you choose.

I did missed you!

bernard n. shull said...

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