wide smile on my face!

6/03/2008 04:18:00 PM 1 Comment »
so many things to write about!

but first let me take off this keyboard cover of my bro's white sony viao laptop.

isk. siap kene tanye whether my hands are clean or not. huh. sape suh beli white laptop. huh. leceh aa pakai keyboard cover. slow typing. huh. well i shouldnt complain since i'm using his laptop now!

by the way, i'm back in kuantan. but not for long! i'll be in ampang in 2 days time. talking about being nomads!

anyway, as i mention earlier, too many things to tell! but dont think i have enough time, and courage to write it all. first, it's now half one in the morning, and it's way past my usual bedtime. two, it's all quite personal and i've made a promise to myself to (try to) keep things to myself nowadays, so i'll just keep it as simple as possible.

i received an offer that i couldnt resist. it's almost too good to be true. and i'm going to accept it. but i'm scared. i'm scared of making mistakes again. someone told me that 90% of the time i made bad, wrong decisions. and this worsen my already low self-confidence and doubt any of my action and decision. but i know that being scared is also a prove that i'm just a human. but this time i have to make a quick but crucial decision. what shall i do? but whatever the decision will be, receiving the offer was such a great news and i thank the almighty for giving me a second chance.

then i was given 2 gifts in a week. a laptop and a car. life is good :)

by the way, this makes me think. why do i have to use this white dont-touch-this-laptop-unless-your-hand-is-clean if i already have my own? talking about being poyo haha

and i've tempah my baju for the wedding. to someone who i never thought i could (afford to) tempah my baju to. thanks mama :). well it wasnt my fault that i have to tempah my baju to this designer. the tailor that my sis and sis-in-law used to tempah for their wedding dress... had passed away. seems pelik, tapi benar. anyway, i think my dress is going to be fabulous hehe. it's going to be exactly like i want. i hope. i've never tempah any baju to this person before, but based on his displayed workmanship, he seems to be very capable to do what he's doing. and he's very charming as well, and mama was very taken by him that she wanted me to tempah my baju there and then.

and that night, i couldnt sleep until 5 am in the morning. gosh the adrenaline!

guess i've to go. i want to send a good, long emails to my two dearest friends in newcastle that i miss most, but guess that will have to wait. nad and ellina, i miss you guys the most :(


DeLiRiuM said...

Miss you too! And yes, I'm still waiting for your email :P