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it's so much easier when you have your own laptop. i guess personal computers have become essential nowadays.

got nothing to write actually. am waiting for the download of the latest naruto's manga to finish. gosh. dial-up. what do you expect? well, better than nothing. bila lah abah nak psg streamyx nih. haha very funny i dont think that is possible. first, all of his children are grown-up and not staying at home anymore. the youngest, iwan, is at utp, perak. so the ones left at home are only my mum and dad. mama doesnt even know how to switch on a computer (i'm not saying this in a bad way, just stating out facts hehe), and abah is working most of the time and will not be at home. plus our nomad lifestyle, meaning it would only be a waste if we install streamyx at home.

gosh. i've really got nothing to write.

done something silly just now. just now abah was browsing between channels and i thought i saw 'f1 race day' on astrosports. i begged abah to switch back to that channel but he was adamant to stay at his favourite channel ie the golf channel. being tak puas hati, after saying 'fine' out loud, i decided to go online and check the result. punyalah puas browsing sane sini, then apsal lah result tak kuar2 lagi online? i thought the result should be quite instant. then after bebel2 for a while, iwan said to me, 'ntah tgh race kot', and i was like, 'huh?'. it turned out that he was right, and i was left tersengih2 sorang2 haha.

am very tempted to iwan's idea to go to any mamak place for it's wireless internet. it's the euro cup season you see, in fact there is a match right this moment between austria and croatia (like i care haha but i'm in the living room at the moment with the tv on).

oklah i give up. as you can see, i'm able to continue writing if i want to because i enjoy writing, but if i dont have a clear topic to write, the contents will be nonsense. i guess i'll be blogging more often since now i have my own laptop. cherio


ellina said...

elo elo makcik! eh,tgh pening lalat ni. nampak bintang2 haha. will be pinning up this wednesday. wish me luck! warghh!! i WILL bug you lepas sumer ni settle ok? hehee