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5/28/2008 06:17:00 AM 1 Comment »
i'm back in kuantan. home sweet home! or more like, bed sweet bed! or room sweet room! cos i'm not sure anymore which is more home, ampang or kuantan. ampang becos i like it there being central to everything that i like ie civilisation, shopping complex and of course, my other half. kuantan becos my room is there, my clothes and all my possessions, but oh-so-far-away from civilisation haha.

anyway, i'll be back to ampang this weekend and plan to stay there for at least a week. got a job interview. in fact, 2 job interviews at the same place. it will be a good experience. one is an admin job, the other is a teaching post to teach pre-u college students. as i mention earlier, i'll go for the experience, i mean the 'interview' experience. but organic chemistry?? where is that damn book when i need it? my brain is so overloaded with biomedic stuff for god-know how many years, but i'm sure there is some chemistry somewhere in there. but organic chemistry?? better than electrochemistry i tell you, dont have a single clue what that means...

guess that's it for now. was quite sick last week, it was bad enough for me that i decided to drag my ass to see the docs (i hate seeing docs you see, dont ask me why haha). but i'm not complaining, especially since i lost some good 3kg since then! oh i feel a bit lighter hehe :D


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