midnight mumbling

6/19/2008 02:32:00 PM 0 Comments »

finally i got my laptop back. it was with azali for about a week for the usual updating the programmes and softwares, and now i can just switch on a button and wallah it's ready to used! i know i know these things are usually done by the people who sell laptops, but knowing azali, i know he wants the laptop to be formatted, updated badibla with the latest softwares and programmes and i know he loves doing it so i let him do it. and of course it's in a better condition than before. thanks sayang.

by the way, microsoft vista is such a pain in the ass! but i think i'll get used to it for sure.

i'm in kl at the moment. until sunday where i'll return to kuantan. cant wait to see my car again! it's a used car, a kancil, my first ever car. abah bought it for me, so thanks abah so very much! i've driven around kuantan several times and it felt so natural. thanks abah for allowing (and sponsoring hehe) me to get the car paint (and i choose the colour! and NO, it's not pink nad..) and buy a new car stereo! and the speakers as well hehe. as you can see, my youngest bro iwan is at home now for his semester break and he's the one who accompany me to the car shops that sell all the car accesories. and being a typical 19 years old boy, he is passionate about cars and what he calls - car gadgets! he's the one who recommends me to buy this and that, including the front and back speakers! ayoyoyo. skrg die tgh promote me to put stickers on my car huh. he brought me to this car sticker shop in kuantan and i have to admit that they are high quality stickers, but me? stickers? on my beloved first car? me dont think so. but those huge cute sleepy snoopy stickers, or the black ninja-with-sword shadow are kinda cool... he he he

anyway, i hope my car is ready by next week before my leave. my car is at the car paint shop now and it takes about a week to be readied. cant wait to drive again with some kylie minogue's songs! guarantee takde org nak naik sekali hehe

by the way, just to mention that i met up with nad yesterday. it felt like ages since i last met him. it was very good to be able to see him again, and i'm glad that i stay friends with someone like him. now the next person i would very much like to meet up is ellina!

and i also would like to mention that i found a very reliable (but a bit suspicious hehe) method to lose weight. just get yourself sick. NO, not get yourself to throw up, but get yourself unwell, like demam ka, selsema ka, sorethroat ka. cos this will suppress your appetite. to get sick is not that hard, especially in malaysia. just drink extra ice everyday, mesti demam nyer hehe. then before you know it, you lost 3 kg already hehe.

just to inform you that i wont hold responsible for the method above hehe. plus it's past midnite now and i cant find a kinder joke to close my blog hehe good night!