sob sob

4/11/2006 08:32:00 PM 0 Comments »
just finished watching csi las vegas. that is my routine for tuesday night. i prefer csi las vegas than miami. i think it's because it has more paranormal events, like serial killers, psycho man and the interesting chimera and werewolf man, that makes it more interesting. compared to csi miami that has more crime elements, like robbery, smuggling, pendatang tanpa izin, pirates etc. plus csi las vegas has the brilliant grissom. but i think horatio in csi miami is not bad, except that grissom is more geeky, and i like geeky, but horatio is a more people-person, if you know what i mean.

had an early leave from work today; my housemates wanted to watch ice age 2, and i wanted to join them. the movie wasnt good; it wasnt crap, but i barely laughed. i didnt have any expectation, mind you, but it was kinda plain and unlaughable that i thought it would still not worth to buy its dvd. it's that bad. anyway, i truly enjoyed the dinner we had after that. went to nandos, as it was the nearest to odeon, and i was so hungry i couldnt think of anything else to eat. which brings me to my next topic: i have gained weight!! bloody freaking calories. that is what this is all about. plus this is my 2nd week of easter break, all i did was eat and lay on the bed and watch tv. seriously. i can feel i'm expanding, seriously, i just feel something is wrong, like feeling less fit. and.. all my trousers and jeans are getting tighter. bloody hell! i got less than 2 months before going home and i dont want to be this big! bloody hell bloody hell. elly, you have to have boiled broccoli after this, hear me?

damn it. oja and nad are coming this weekend and of course i would love to cook for them. sob sob sob. diet sob sob. remember elly, do it not because of wanting to be thin, do it for all your beloved clothes and jeans, tops and trousers, those things that you treasure most. imagine if you cant fit into any of them, and then you have to leave them behind and put them behind the cupboard. no. it would be a waste, wouldnt it? it would be like a crime, right? right...