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just came back from work. that's my plan for easter break. work, work and more work, so that i can earn more money. the money is not for myself, it's for the summer house rents of 3 months. i'll be going home for the whole summer to do my electives, but my scholarship ends this may and there are rents to pay for june, july and august, plus the telephones, gas and electricity bills, so i hope to save enough money to pay for all of these for the 3 months. i dont want to cause my housemates any trouble, nor my parents to worry. hopefully my plan works. amin.

just received a rather sad and disappointing news. went very panicky for half an hour. bless my heart for being healthy and capable to cope those palpitations and adrenaline rush. as usual, my first reaction was 'fuck'. then 'bloody hell'. then 'badak bodoh'. and the list of curses goes on. am now a bit sad, and disappointed. what the hell. dont feel like want to share it with anyone.

one note: there is a reason why someone refuse to answer your call. full stop. think about it. ask me no question, and i'll tell you no lie.

kinda pissed off at the moment. better keep myself in my room