4/08/2006 11:07:00 AM 0 Comments »
saturday..bliss. no one at home, i think. ct is working. the rest went out. i want to go out too, but with the moody weather where it rains every now and then, think i better tuck myself under the duvey thank you very much. and i dont want to spend more money. i tend to spend everytime i go out, so i figure that in order for me to not spend, i must not leave the house. hahaha

am still not feeling that well, with blocked nose and running nose all at the same time, but things improve a bit. actually i'm feeling a lot better. talked to azali this morning and he was in his good mood indeed, and that made me feel good too. we are planning to go somewhere when i go back this summer, and mama had given her permission. all we need to do now is to find a destination that suits our budget. it doesnt matter whether we manage to go somewhere or not, hearing him eager to plan our holiday together was enough to make me happy :) am so in love~

so, what shall i do today? cook? cant think of anything to cook. and with my blocked nose, i cant taste a thing. every food seems dull. maybe i go out and catch a movie. that means leaving the house. du'h. not a good idea, plus there's no good movie at the moment. ct brought back lots of dvds, courtesy of her cousin, i think, in malaysia. hmm maybe i'll watch that. maybe. damn it. i cant make up my mind. you know what, think i'll lay on the bed and stay there until i figure out what to do