quick post

9/22/2008 07:57:00 AM 0 Comments »
i have 10 minutes to spare so here goes..

2 more days to go before the raya break. will be having a week off. plan to drive on thursday morning, alone. will make sure that i have enough sleep that night. 5 hours of driving is ok, i just hope they dont have that many traffics on the road. that's why i plan to leave on thursday, instead of friday.

my wedding card is due to be ready tomoro. i hope it will turn out well. will start to post it to my guests, so will need to gather the addresses soon.

will be doing most of the wedding stuff during this break. that's why i'm bringing the car home - senang and faster to move around. might be driving to kl too. i've never driven in kl before. i hope it will be ok.

more about the wedding. one more month to go. am not as excited as i thought i would be. am excited tho for the union of me and my beloved, but am so not looking forward for the event. planning your own wedding is not fun at all. i cant understand why some people like to be at the centre of attention. where all of the guests, i mean ALL, will be looking at you, taking your picture somemore. one would be very, very anxious i tell you. on a lighter note, my hair is not as long as i would like it to be. well, you cant force your hair to grow, can you?

plan to have, at least, 1 buka puasa with ellina. are you free some time next week? we can buka puasa at somewhere close to your workplace.

mum is coming on the day after tomoro. abah got a meeting somewhere close, well, 1 hour from my place, so mum is planning to come and buka puasa with me. i thought that is nice of her; after all that has been happening between us.

anyway, that's all the time i have for now. calo!