pink stethoscope!

2/18/2007 12:36:00 PM 0 Comments »
happy weekend everyone ;) especially to those in malaysia who are having a long weekend indeed until tuesday for chinese new year. mane aci.. anyway, gong xi fa cai. wish i'm at malaysia right now to enjoy the long weekend with the company of many limau mandarin! yes i do have a bright red cheong sam and no i cannot wear it. it does not fit! waaa sudah put on weight.. do you realise how chubby i am these days? why aa? i notice lots of my friends, when they become older, the chubbier they become. why? some did not put on weight, but their face still become rounder. including me. why? why? so my advice to all young people out there, go and get a nice man and get married early before you get a much rounder and chubbier face. seriously!

anyway, i also got myself a long weekend. nope, my weekend doesnt last til tuesday, but mine started on thursday. hehehe. i told you that thursday was free for everyone else in my year were busy with the hospital job interviews, then on friday i went to repair my old stethoscope. it turned out that it'll cost me 40+ quids to repair it, so i decided to might as well get a new one at 53 quids. so.. after long deliberation, i decided to get this one...

muehehehe.. a pink stethoscope! muarharharhar

not only i got it cheaper online, they also provide free name engravement, plus free tendon hammer and torch! cool! and, and, i ordered it on friday and received it on saturday morning, complete with my name on the head of the stethoscope! super cool! muehehhe cant stop smiling. i couldnt choose the colour at first, they have many other colours! besides the typical black, navy blue, grey (like my old one), burgundy and dark green, they also have orange (yup, orange!), lilac (nice, but not my colour), rasberry, baby green, baby blue, ocean blue and purple! initially i wanted the orange one, becos my tournique is orange too, but then the baby pink one looks really lovely, and like what shanti said, it suits better with our clothes than the bright orange one (hmm never thought that one before..), plus the baby pink one looks really lovely (have i said that..jiii..hihi)

other random things that i want to write:
- mama bought me a blue sari from her trip to india! of course i plan to make a kurung from it, and i plan to have it as baju raya! yey dah ade baju raya! thank you mama!
- azali and i plan to get married after raya so that i can spend as many time with my family this raya without worrying about him and his family. thanks sayang! the only thing for me to do is to pass the june exam so that i can leave this country for good and spend syawal in malaysia.. shiver shiver..
- thanks shanti for the wonderful sushi last night. it was tasty, and i'm inspired to make some myself! not sure when tho..
- thanks ct for the useful website on pharmacology. like you said, it is easy to understand

got myself a cold right now. go away nasty cold! i cant concentrate on my revision since yesterday. dah abis separuh kotak tissue, lucky i got two of them. took 3 paracetamol-contained lemsip yesterday, guess i have to take some today as well. oklah nak pie mandi...