good news!

2/24/2007 12:36:00 AM 0 Comments »
i've just received a very good news from home. i know i couldnt sleep tonite without letting it out first, that's just me, i cant hold too much excitement. i want to share it with somebody, but this good news hasnt been confirmed yet, so i dont want to spend other people's time by telling them something that is uncertain. i used to share any news with mr fiance, but for some time now, i dont know, i dont feel like sharing small, tidious things with him anymore. cos i dont think he appreciates it. i dont think that he doesnt care, he does care, but when you are with someone for such a long time, small, tidious things seem.. unimportant, and negligable. like yesterday when i had a bad day in the hospital and i called him, he didnt seem to want to listen. and i seemed not to care either that he wouldnt listen. is it me who doesnt care anymore? sigh, i dont want to have this question in my head again, i'm just not in that mood. i'm comfortable with our relationship now, he's there and i'm here, i believe we do care for each other genuinely and i do still want to spend the rest of my life with him. the rest would have to be on hold until i come back home for good, hopefully this june.

anyway, back to my good news (what's wrong with me nowadays? got distracted very easily..). the good news is.......... my mum gonna come and visit me this april, hopefully. HOPEFULLY! that's the best news of this year so far. but i dont want to jinx it. i really really hope she comes. she wanted to come and visit me since last year, but i was away in carlisle and whitehaven til november last year, then kak lysa couldnt accompany her and my dad would not allow my mum to travel alone (he couldnt accompany her himself because he is such a workaholic....). then my uncles (my mum's brothers) plan to come to the uk this april and ape lagi, my mum nak ikut la. my dad has already given his permission, so hopefully my uncles tu jadi la dtg uk... cos i want to see my mum!!!! waaaa please please jadi la die dtg... i want to see mama before my exams in june. please please please... semoga mama jadi dtg... i need her.... mama dtg la...amin...