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aku mmg suke buat survey2 ni esp bile tada keje lain nk wat. got these from elina so here goes..

What makes you happy? retail therapy. always works for me. always ha ha

Would you change yourself to make someone else happy? if it concerns changing my bad behaviour/habit, why not. it will make me happy too if i change to be a better person

Do long distance relationships work? i really really hope it works. so far so good, in my case

How many people do you know that share yourbirthday? cant think of anyone

Is there anyone that you would risk your life for? my family, of course

What animal would you not want to be turned into? pig aka babi, dah la haram, pastu dah ade human pigs here in newcastle, bukan sekor but 3 EKOR, so why want to increase their population?

Favorite symbol on the keyboard? dono, not a fan of symbol-on-the-keyboard anyway

Do you spend a lot of time on the computer? sometimes

Do you realize that most things are temporary? i do realize, but sometimes i forgot and need to register that topic again in my thick skull

How long has it been since you went to the mall? yesterday, with elina

Do you like to write poetry? nope, dont have a single talent in literature

Do you like to read poetry? yes, i do, i'm a bit surprised myself actually

What is your favorite color of ink to write in? dark blue

Would you rather write in pen or pencil? pen

How tall are you? 156cm

What is your favorite breed of dog? hotdog, cos i can eat them! hehe tak jwb soalan

Who is your favorite person to talk to offline? my mum and azali

Do you like rain? dont think so, it makes everything wet, dump and moody

Do you think lightning is awesome? dont think so

Do you have glow-in-the-dark stars? nope

1. Shampoo - loreal's sebocontrol
2. Bags - hem..mng, nine west, deuter, nike etc
3. Shirt - mng, h&m, padini, laura ashley and lots of unbranded ones
4. Sweaters - hem..almost the same as above, i guess
5. Shoes - skeachers (my fav), elle, nine west, adidas etc
6. Socks - got >30 pairs of socks..any colourful ankle socks will do
7. Toothpaste - colgate gel
8. Face cleanser - lancome's blanc expert
9. Computer - dell
10. Wallet - jean-louis scherrer
11. Cell - old nokia 8210
12. Watch - swatch, dkny
13. Pillow Case/Bed sheet - wilko's + ikea
14. Furnitures - dono..ask our landlord
15. Cups - haha i got the biggest cup/mug in the house!! it's pier's
16. Magazines - heat
17. Dream Cars/ Car - beetle! recently i like gen2
18. Chocolate - any chocolate will do! a big choco fan :)
19. Candy- chocolate candy, perhaps?
20. Medicine - i forgot its name, but it's for my anxiety
21. Chips - twisties! tapi tada kat uk huh
22. Popcorn - gsc's popcorn is da best!
23. Motorcyle - superbike yamaha 1000cc
24. camera - dont have any huhu
25. perfume - ck's truth, davidoff's cool water
26. Ciggie - hate it!!