hold on

8/28/2004 10:13:00 AM 1 Comment »
i woke up at 6am this morning and couldnt sleep. guess the jetleg is still there. so i went browsing the internet and read some other ppl's blogs instead. i read this one blog, a friend of mine, who had broken up with her bf only a few months ago. the guy gave lame excuses to break up with her and that was quite surprising since i knew that guy more than i knew the girl. the guy i used to know was a very (actually, the most) gentleman person i have ever met. soft-spoken and polite, he respects and treasures his friends more than anything. and the girl, tho i didnt knew her very well, is a good person, no doubt. their separation surprises me till today. not just me, but my friends as well who knew both parties. in my opinion, they really suit and compliment each other, and have been commited to each other strongly for these past few years.

her blog wrote how sad, devastated, heartbroken, you name it, she was for the break up. it was a long and painful blog. it happened quite sudden and a week after the break up, the guy already had another girl. worst ever senario you can have in a break up.

i feel sad reading that girl's blog. she's only a girl, but has to carry such a heavy emotional burden. i would have broken down to small tiny winy pieces if i was her. at first she blamed herself. then with time, she slowly gain strength and confidence to face the world again. life goes on. and i remember her last blog wrote, ' and i missed being in love again'. hold on there girl, hold on..


Liz said...

nice layout.. macam retro gitu.. hehe.
p/s.. I do feel for her too. It's kinda bad isn it?