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so..i'm officially someone's fiancee. hm..nothing much, got a nice new ring on my left wedding finger, met some old ppl who happen to be someone's parents, got to wear pink from head to toe, got to wear a full make-up for the first time in my life, besides that, nothing much. oh i forgot, that 'someone' happens to be a monkey. he he he

oklah, the ceremony went very well, like liza said, simple and sweet. more guests than i expected. you know i dont like crowds. but ape nk buat, i got a huge pack of relatives, includes aunties, uncles, cousins bla bla. i prefer my friends than them ha ha how cruel! thank god i got my 3 best buddies there! wirda, liza and mus, thanks for coming. miss laila though, we would have our old 'Underground' association if she was there. nadine kate nk mai, but he cancelled last minute. said his auntie is sick. my mum asyik tanye bile nadine nk sampai. takpe la kan. azali's parents and family are nice. his mum hugged me ayoyo. and one more thing, i truly forgot pesan ellina. 'must control ayu, mata tak leh buka more than 45 degree'. ha ha, sorry, lupe langsung! tersengih2, tak abis2, malu malu ish. selalu bikin malu saje isk typical me

i never thought being engaged to someone hold such responsibility. all i want is to make everybody happy. me and azali have been commited to each other for 2 years now. i couldnt ask for more. but being engaged to him, that's something else. a few days after the engagement, my mum advised me, or to be precised, 'warned' me, to be commited to this relationship or else i have to face not just my family, but azali's family too. doh? ayo. never thought it could be this bad. although i dont have a single intention to, like, break up with azali, but the sound of that 'warning' of such commitment, it's scary. although i'm truly blessed and satisfied for having azali as my fiancee, and i'm truly happy for this engagement is based on love and trust, but that kind of's scary. now, our relationship is not only between two people, it involves the whole 2 families. big families. lots of people. i scared of commitment? no no, i think i'm scared of responsibility. the responsibility to try and make this relationship works. oh i hate responsibility. or maybe i think too much