here in newcastle...

8/27/2004 07:06:00 AM 0 Comments »
here i am in newcastle. it took me a 12-hour flight, 8-hour road journey and 5 and a half month to be here again. it was a painful and dreading experience to leave malaysia. leaving my mum and iwan in kuantan, my sis in kl and the worst was leaving azali in klia. he looked so sad and dissappointed. i cried my whole heart out throughout the journey.

here i am in newcastle, with it's 'routine' condition. same old grey sky with same old cold wind, and the people are all the same; blond hair with hard-to-understand geordie accent. luckily the summer sale is still on for some shops. and the salesperson in most shops are quite friendly. and the elderly is friendly too. and there are some really good friends in newcastle.

it turned out newcastle wasnt that bad at all. i just have to find those nice little things to keep me going everyday.

my new blog is simpler. no need to put any personal data. and the dots are hihi.