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it's the weekend! yippee!

to be honest, i've been busy lately. very busy. both physically and mentally. more of mentally huh.

the finals are coming!

8 more weeks to be exact. too shivering to convert it to days.

even the thought of it makes me exhausted.

there were good days, and there were bad ones. the best thing that i should do now is to calm myself, and be organised.

i hate february. instead of the norm 30/31 days, february only has 28 days. 3 days is a lot to dissappear just like that!

i think i'm getting ridiculous. just clear your head and calm yourself, elly

breath in, breath out

ok. now, what shall i write today? it seems like a good day to write. i'll start with the recent ones.

just finished my posting. overall, i enjoyed it. i already knew that i would like to spend more time doing this posting in the future. but it's the upcoming finals that spoiled it all. i couldnt properly enjoy this posting when i have this background thought plus all the fear and anxiety about the finals. i wish we had this posting earlier.

anyway, i was a bit stressed and sad yesterday for my end-posting exam did not turn out like i would like it to be. it depressed my confidence quite badly, and i spent some time last night pondering whether i could make it this time around. but i guess experience is indeed a good teacher, and i managed to go through the night calmly.

'when you used to hit the rock bottom of the deepest sea, getting lost once in a while at sea is quite ok. just keep looking and looking and never stop looking for a shore to land. and it is the easiest if you got a helping hand, which works as a help as well as a company, as God knows, being alone in the whole wide sea is a tiring, not to mention, lonely, experience.'

that just came out of my head.

some of you may understand what i meant, and for that you shall have my gratitute for still being there with me up to this point. and for those who dont, well, if you think you know me, you dont.

anyway, this entry is supposed to be a cheerful one, but it turns out to be a depressing one haha.

ok, what cheerful news have i received lately?

chinese new years hols is next week! and i've got a whole week off yeye. and yup, i'll be bringing all of my book stuff back to kl.

valentine's day. this year i got to spend it with hubby, hurrah! no plan (yet) on how to spend the day. and it's on a sunday, meaning hubby is off too, so we can spend the day as we want :)

jiman, my first bro, will be doing his master soon! very very happy for him. it has been his dream to pursue his study and to eventually become a lecturer. good for him! and the good (and funny) thing is that he'll be doing it with my sister, kak lysa. the same course, at the same uni! well, my sis already started her 1st semester and will be starting her 2nd one soon, but according to her, 1st and 2nd sem students will share most of their lectures together. how cool is that? dah la kat ukm, then amik master in engineering pulak tu. i'm so so proud of my siblings. i think it's great that they still want to pursue for higher education, despite the facts that both of them are already working and have families of their own. plus willing to sacrifice their weekends (saturday and sunday!) to attend classes. very good =D

this motivates me to study even harder for my finals. if they are working hard for their masters, i'll work harder for this second degree of mine :)

another news: my mom's ampang house is finally ready and fit to live in! it took more than 3 months to wreck and then re-built the house again. they are going to officially enter the house this sunday, after arranging for most of the stuff from the old house in kuantan to be brought to ampang on that day. and mama will also employ a bibik, who will hopefully keep her company, as well as keeping the house tidy. i think it's good for her to have somebody with her, because living alone in the middle of kl is quite dangerous nowadays. dad? you dont want to know. i also dont want to know.

anyway, hopefully by this april, i can live with her and keep her company. although just for a short while before hubby and i find a nearer place to mom's house (currently we are in damansara damai, about 45 minute drive from ampang). hopefully also i'll manage to get a place to work closer to hers by this july.

oklah, enough with this blog. i want to do asar prayer and then take a shower, before starting off my revision again. happy weekend!