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it's true that i've been busy in these last couple of weeks, but the main reason why i didnt blog was that the internet connection in my uni is getting worse each and every day. i've been trying to check my email since yesterday, all with no success at all. not even a brief connection at all. so when i noticed there is a connection right now, i try to browse the internet as much, and as quick as i can. dont know when it will disconnect again.

guess which website i visited first? the OSCARs of course! been waiting for 22 feb since they first announced the nominees exactly a month ago. love it that kate winslet won, i know it was predictable, but who cares, she is a good actress afterall. sean pean was a surprise winner, but i always think that he is a great actor, especially since i watched 'i am sam'. been wanting to watch 'slumdog millionaires' but couldnt get a decent dvd over here. mind you, i always prefer to watch a movie at the cinema, but what to do, got no cinema at my place.

anyway, enough of oscars. it's a good feeling when i manage to keep in touch with the outside world, i doubt any one of people around my current place would know anything about the oscars, and this is when i feel grateful with the existance of the internet. so, what have i been doing lately? well, i've been to k.trengganu last weekend to meet my mother and siblings who happened to be there last weekend, and i simply couldnt resist to stay at the hotel with them so i drove there on saturday. i had such a great time with them, although i admit when i came back i was totally exhausted to start the week.

and next week i'm going to bali!!! yeyeyeyeye. tak sabar nyer! to visit bali, to rest, to get some massage, but most of all i cant wait to spend some quality time with hubby :)

before that, got to finish tonnes of work! work hard, play hard huh. bring it on!

ps:/ need to get fitter (flatter tummy, if i have to be honest haha). plan to get swimming suit :p