happy mood

2/25/2009 08:23:00 AM 1 Comment »

happy 4 months anniversary hubby :D

it was he who reminded me just now. knowing him, who seldomly remembers (any) dates, i'm indeed impressed, and pleased hehe. and what better ways to celebrate it than to go to an exotic trip? none!

tee hee hee.. as you can see i'm in a cheery mood :)

afternoon class got cancelled, weekend is coming, HUBBY IS COMING this weekend, then 3 days later, we are off to a (not so) faraway island, just the two of us!

tee hee hee.. yup yup you know already i'm in such a good mood :)

guess i have to hold those cravings of secret recipe's choc brownies. for the sake of some flat tummy haha. should i get some facial this weekend? i want to look as good and fit as i can, but i want to bring that extra money to the trip. i guess this is when i ask for an early anniversary present from hubby ;p it's for him afterall he he he