super smiley =D

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i am so EXCITED!!




wa... cant stop having a (wide) smile on my face for the whole day ngeh ngeh


we are going in 3 weeks time.

finally we are going for a honeymoon trip. hubby mentioned once in the past that he would love to go to bali for our honeymoon, but we thought we could not afford it, since i'm still studying and him trying to save money to buy a house, but then yesterday my good and resourceful sister told me there was an offer with airasia, and guess what? yours truly managed to get a return ticket, during the weekend time some more, for rm88 and that includes the tax and everything! i lurve good bargains :) i dont think there would be any cheaper flight ticket than this.

i havent done any travelling for some time, i think the last time was the barcelona trip with ellina, and that was on dec 07 i think. and going with ellina means that she would plan for most of the trip ittinery as die mmg kaki jalan pun. and knowing hubby, i think i would be the one who plan and arrange for most of our trip haha. and that is not a problem for me! got plenty of time to plan this and that :)

oklah, am too excited to continue writing. will start doing the research after i finish my class this afternoon. wish it was cancelled! he he. ciao :)))