wedding bells

10/18/2008 04:01:00 AM 0 Comments »

one more week to go

this time next week i'll as busy as ever! wish that everything will run as smooth as planned.

my wedding dress is finally ready! i wish i was there to pick it up. but it was kak lysa instead who fetch it from the boutique at ampang point. she said it is gorgeous, but i really wish i was there to hold it, to touch it, to smell it, and most of all, to try it! if you must know, having a perfect wedding dress is the most most top priority in my list. second is, of course, having a good make-up and a hairdo. but having a gorgeous dress on that day is really really important to me. i hope it fits well on me, i hope i dont put on or loss more weight. cant wait to go home this wednesday and to try the dress, along with its shoes and veil!

things started to get excited at home. yesterday the curtain lady came in to put on the new curtain, the aircond people came around too to install a couple more. sian mama alone at home at kuantan, kemas itu kemas ini with no one to help her. i told her to wait for me to return home this wednesday, but she insisted on starting cleaning the house. kak lysa at kl is also as busy as ever. fetched my wedding dress, finished doing the lapik dulang, picking up my ordered contact lenses, and she will be fetching my grandma and my auntie too from our kampung at kuala selangor before coming to kuantan on thursday morning.

me, on the other hand, is also doing things as much as i can. i went to buy the bunga telur for the hantaran yesterday. didnt realise that kelantanese's tradition must have some bunga telur along with pulut semangat as part of the hantaran. i'm also lucky that my current posting is not as busy as my previous ones, so i got some spare time. i'm also lucky to have a car, so that i can move around easily, and drive back home at any time convenient to me.

found out that some of my good friends are coming for the wedding :D and that makes my heart swell with happiness. i didnt invite that many friends, and those who i invite place a special place in my heart. hope to see you guys at the wedding, remember that the akad is at 9am, at my house, if you want to come to that event, and the bersanding is at 2pm, all at the same day. have a safe journey ok.

oklah, i wont bore you anymore with the wedding itineries. i hope it goes as planned, and that i've bought, booked and arranged everything that is needed. the latest thing that i've booked is the photographer. to have to pay someone to take my picture is the last thing in my list. seriously. i hate people taking picture me, i hate being in a photo. then all 7 members of my family mebebel2 pot pet pot pet ba dibla so i booked it anyway to keep their mouth shut. but as usual, it's going to be my choice and i choose a collegue of my brother, iwan, from utp. a freelance photographer who has a huge interest in photography. exactly what i need.

oklah better off soon. got to start writing my case report. tadaloo